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Arakion: Book One
Feature | The Dungeons of Arakion
December 1, 2016 - Lavidimus

Hey everyone!

Thursday update. Testing is going extremely well for the Steam version of Arakion and I want to thank everyone who has been participating and getting Arakion ready for release. I've gotten a lot of questions about dungeons so today I wanted to briefly go over what I call Classic Dungeons.

Now, what do I mean when I say classic style and why are they so special? Arakion itself has lots of dungeons, however, these 'dungeons' can be anything from isolated floating islands, Tower floors, Sci-Fi research facility, hedge mazes and everything in between. That's not to say the creepy crawly, underground tombs have been left out, I call these Classic Dungeons, they're what you find in more traditional RPGs.

A preview of a classic styled dungeon.

Some unique aspects of classic dungeons.


As many of you already know, Arakion has done away with torches. They've been replaced with the unique Arakion system called lightshards. When first acquiring lightshards you can carry 4 in your pouch. You can either use lightshards yourself giving surrounding your party with light for a duration or place the lightshards in holders you find around dungeons. This will permanently illuminate the area and is very useful for return trips.

The more formidable dungeon the more careful you'll need to be with managing your light.

Emphasis on Traits

So what's the benefit of exploring every dungeon and classic dungeon you see? They tend to focus on traits. Whether it's aged barrels holding liquids of power, ancient altars to pray to or just some books to read, dungeons contain long forgotten materials that will reward any adventurer daring enough to make the expedition.

The Atmosphere
Really when it boils down to it, there is nothing quite like exploring a dungeon of stone, mud, and cobwebs.

That's it for today, look for an announcement with the release date soon! For testers, expect the next Arakion version to include TEN new classic style dungeons in the open world!

Have a wonderful day,