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Arakion: Book One
Announcement | Backer Builds Soon!
November 10, 2016 - Lavidimus

Hey Everyone

So the big announcement:
Backer keys for Arakion will be sent out soon!

They should be sent out within the next two weeks. I'm doing everything I can to make sure saves, achievements, and general progress will carry over from testing to full release. All backers and pre-orderers will receive keys once it launches. I hope to have a specific date soon, It's difficult due to the fact I'm the only person doing in-game development and Arakion is quite large!

While these are 'test' builds. They're primarily focused on just making sure everything runs smoothly inside of Steam.

If all goes smoothly Arakion will release the first chapters for sale shortly after the backer keys go out! This means you all could be exploring the world of Arakion before the end of November!

Sorry for the lull in the updates during October, I was implementing a lot of Steam features throughout the game. Since that is (mostly) done I will be back to doing regular updates on Tuesday and Thursdays and additional updates as needed.

Have a wonderful day!

Check it out, new lighting!
(When testing you won't see my HUD characters)