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Arakion: Book One
Minor Update | Tower of Infinity Mechanics
September 24, 2016 - Arakion

Hey Everyone

A couple days late with this weeks update. I've been working hard to get the Tower of Infinity (randomized dungeons) up and running. I'm happy to announce that I've begun heavy testing and it's working much smoother than expected!

A little bit about the tower.
The primary focus of the tower is to upgrade the town and find new blueprints | NPCs | Islands | etc... for it. Although you will sometimes come across upgrades for your characters, especially traits!

To explain the tower I'm going to use floors 1-10 as an example. In these floors, there are 20 unique objects to find. Each time you enter any of these floors you'll be given a saved seed number. This means no two games will have the same 1-10 floors. Returning to any normal floor will allow you to continue exploring the floor as you left it (although enemies will respawn).

After completing the tenth floor you'll be granted one-time access to a Void Floor. This floor will contain any number of randomized rare objects, bosses, and elements to find.

Further, upon completion of the void floor, you'll be granted access to one more unique floor called the Infinite Floor. In this floor, there are an additional X number of randomized items, town objects and other 'loot' to find but now each time you re-enter the floor a new dungeon spawns for you to explore.

With this setup, Arakion allows you to experience a true tower that doesn't change (Normal Floor), unique floors that carry special loot and monsters (Void Floor) and an area where you can re-enter to your hearts content always experiencing new content (Infinite Floor).

This also allows us as developers to implement sets and allow you to climb higher with each update while still allowing you access to floors that randomize on re-entry.

Video showing off the Tower coming soon!

Media examples:

After the Tower is fully tested, I'll be creating a new build for all backers and pre-order players to access on steam as a Beta!

Have any thought son the tower or what you'd like to see implemented within it? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day!