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Dog Duty
Explaining Core Features!
September 13, 2016 - HgVaz

Some people might have a few doubts about the features of the game. Let`s clarify that!

As we listed in the resume of the game, in Dog Duty you can:

Drive a variety of vehicles on a vast wasteland
Desert, River, Ocean and Swamp are the terrains we expect to release on the full game, each one of them will have a specific vehicle with different gameplay that you can use to explore the world of Dog Duty, wich are the Truck, the Boat, the Balsa and the Hovercraft, respectively.

Explore the Island, its rivers and its surrounding seas
As I said, there is more than just sand in the eyes.

Unlock new characters, each one with different habilities
By exploring the world you can find many secrets, for exemple a new character that can change completely the way you face danger or a weapon that can make your way easier. It`s all handcrafted, old school level design and it`s perfect for those who enjoy Speedruns.

Customize your squad for each situation
Each new location you discover has a different layout that will force the player to think twice. Customize and prepare yourself to dismantle the enemy forces!

Meet locals, earn their trust and know more about the Octopus menace
You`re not alone! The Dog Duty world is full of settlements of refugees and rebels that will help you to achieve the main goal. It`s a living world.

Cut enemy's supply lines
Maybe the most hidden feature, this represents how a locations sends supplies to another location. For example, if a location is a Bulletproof Vest warehouse, it means that it sends this item to neaby locations. The player can choose if destroying the warehouse is a priority or no. Now expand this logic to 4 or 5 simultaneous supply lines, this is Dog DUty.

Clear every location and see the locals taking their lives back
Yeah, it is redundant, sorry!

Fight against giant machines
The cherry on the top of the cake. An oppressive enemy has oppressive machines, wich will represent the power and domain of the Octopus Commander.

Let`s make Dog Duty a reality!