To jest pomysł lub projekt we wczesnej fazie rozwoju

Niniejszy przedmiot znajduje się tutaj, aby zebrać opinie od potencjalnych klientów i rozpocząć budowanie społeczności. Jeśli podoba ci się ten projekt, nie krępuj się, oceń go lub dodaj do ulubionych. Celem niniejszego głosowania jest jedynie zebranie danych oraz reakcji dla producentów i nie ma wpływu na włączenie gry w proces dystrybucji na platformie Steam.

Greenlight zostało wycofane. Więcej informacji o tym, jak wydawać gry na Steam znajdziesz w tym wpisie na blogu.
28 listopada 2016 - Fab Mariani

Here are a bunch of recent screenshots of Winterfall, featuring more snowy environments following overall improvements made to the worldbuilding workflow. Enjoy!

28 listopada 2016 - Fab Mariani

Hello! With recent business, this steam page has fallen through the cracks a bit. But Dev Blog #3 can be found on the blog in its two parts at

26 września 2016 - Fab Mariani

Hello everyone.

Dev Blog #3 is currently being pushed ahead to next weekend, not for lack of things to say but instead to give ourselves the opportunity to present our latest developments in a better format, with more visuals and so on. A good bit has been done over September, featuring the core Wilderness mechanics (Stamina/Conditions/Needs) and Tracking, as well further developments to Construction. Those things being really important to the game and quite exciting, it'd be a lot better to speak about them in a more visual format rather than just dumping a lot of text.

Things are really coming together nicely for Winterfall's gameplay, pointing at the fact that our goals for a limited test release by the end of the year may well be nicely met. There is much being worked on and Winterfall has seriously been through worse times than this, so we're looking forward to telling you/showing you more. In the meantime, and because those never hurt, here is a couple of combat videos featuring our newly implemented particle effects:

1hander + Shield

1hander only

18 września 2016 - Fab Mariani

Woodland Biome

World Creator scene-building workflow sample:

Salmon-fishing mocap

Aorsana Portrait

Biome Samples (1-2 summer's end woodlands, 3 high mountain desert)

Pre-boreal Forest

Far Up North

Combat Particle FX teaser

4 września 2016 - Fab Mariani

Signing up to the website both means that you'll be on the list for any test releases and allows communication to be made easier by having things more centralized. So please do that, both you and Winterfall will benefit. The link is at the top of the page at

And in case you missed the last two #ScreenshotSaturday events, here's a recap:

27 August - 3 September

20-27 August


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