Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

Greenlight stopt ermee. Meer informatie over het inzenden van spellen op Steam vind je nu in deze blogpost.
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
15 juni 2017 - Yavuz

Greetings fellow cultists,

You can now follow our blog and join the discussions: http://blog.stygianthegame.com/

We'll meet amidst the black seas of infinity.

2 juli 2016 - Yavuz

"...and in that lair of the Deep Ones we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory for ever."


1 juni 2016 - Yavuz

Let's make this happen together! Don't forget to take a look at the video and our rewards.


27 mei 2016 - Yavuz

Thank you for all your support!
Our next goal is to answer all of your questions directly.
And one more thing: We're going to launch our Kickstarter campaign soon.


22 mei 2016 - Yavuz

Hello everyone!

You can watch the newest video of Stygian from our official Youtube and Steam Greenlight pages. Check it out and feel free to comment!

Cthulhu fhtagn!


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