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November 5, 2017 - Infinite8

Hello friends,

We are planning to launch a free demo version of the game in the couple of next months, so if you are interested to get your hands on the game please register by sending us an email at:

Don't forget to register today as the numbers are limited.

By the receiving this demo you will become an official tester of the game. We can't wait to hear your feedback.

Best Wishes
Naxia Development Team

May 3, 2017 - Infinite8

Greeting friends,

sorry for our long absence, but now, we believe that it's the right time for announcing that the title was alive and heavily under development all this time.
A lot of improvement and new mechanics had been added to the game, for example:

  • Character Customization
  • Procedural Dungeon Generation
  • A Brand New Combat System
  • New AI System
  • Visual Look Improvement
  • Execution System
  • Quests with Choice and Consequence
  • Rebuild and Upgrade Your Base
Please stay tuned for more information.
We will post lots of snick pick materials from the current game state in the next couple of months.

Best Wishes
Defenders of Naxia

June 28, 2016 - Infinite8

Our Greenlight campaign is over. We got greenlit in just 13 days with the awesome rank of 29th!

We honestly don't know how to thank you guys. These past two weeks were invalueable for us; Reading your comments, compliments, criticism and ideas was an amazing experience.

Defenders of Naxia is in its mid-stage of development and we will soon be ready to launch the game in Steam Early Access. It would be an honor for us to develop the game with your absolute supervision on each and every step of creating the game.

So, gather up all your energy and ideas and let's make something awesome TOGETHER!

Just keep livin ;)


June 27, 2016 - Infinite8

Things are getting wild here fellas :D You are ramping up our rank day by day and now we reached the scary 30th ;) So let's check our some updates, shall we?...A more polished demo of the game is here, play it for free! There are new discussions, join in...and many in-game videos are uploaded, Enjoy! :) You guys are the BEST.


June 22, 2016 - Infinite8

Top of the Morning Guys

Just a quick update on our current rank and giving you some new very cool concept arts ;) It's been only a week and we already the 63rd project of Steam Greenlight, thank to you. OK, now to the cool part...check out these wallpapers from each of Naxia's 5 kingdoms. May you survive in them during the game...!

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