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moto RKD dash
April 12, 2016 -

I've always loved SHMUPS, especially games like Ikaruga, Border Down, Under Defeat, Zero Gunner 2, and a bunch more. One of my biggest fascinations has been the insane amount of concept art, models, characters, back story and overall details that you barely see in-game (mostly in manuals, art books, internet, etc.).

So here are the teams you'll be fighting against in moto RKD dash. You'll probably get a good look at them only when you pause since the game moves extremely fast and you wont see much while moving. Lots of time has gone into designing the colors, decals, logos and symbols (that you'll most probably miss).

There is also lots of hidden 'love letters' to my favorite games and systems.

Thanks for looking.

April 10, 2016 -

Moto is like nothing you've played before. Is it better or worse... or what? I would say it is 'what?'. What you see is not what you get in this case.

It looks like an endless runner, but couldn't be farther from one!
It looks like a bike racing game, but its not!
I wanted to take any preconceived notion and change it, experiment with breaking the cliché.

OK, so what about the stupid name? Every mobile game has DASH in its name, it synonymous with endless runners. Then again i wanted to take the mold and gently break it.
Moto RKD Dash is named after the most important thing in the game the Dashboard, as the original toys from the 80's! The mobile version had the giant dashboard, for the PC version it was redesigned, adding even more gauges and lights.

The very core of our logic is to make assumptions and build upon them, but things are never what they seem. So the best way is to believe no one and experience everything by yourself.

Please check out the demo.

April 8, 2016 -

For the final level of the game which is different from the rest we needed to abruptly change the the pace and close with something unexpected. As with everything in life, things happen at the right moment and Approxima Astrolabos joined the game with a tune he just recorded the day before and it was a perfect fit. His ability to find the ghost in the machine and reveal it to us through sound is unparalleled by anyone else. Check out his SoundCloud[].
Just close your eyes and experience the final level by listening to JAPANTECH[].

Thank You!

April 6, 2016 -

Kliment[] is a living musical genius and a gift to us all.

The music is more than the half of a gaming experience in my opinion. When i asked him if he could hook me up with some band to use their music for the game, he said: - Just use mine man... it blew my mind and a year and a half later i still cant believe it. It helped me complete the vision of the game worlds and inspired me on each step of the design process.

Please listen to this for a while and you'll understand.

Kliment on facebook[]
Kliment on Discogs[]
Kliment on SoundCloud[]
Kliment on Zenon Records[]

His current gig schedule (in case you're close by)

April 4th - Klika of happiness, Tel Aviv, Israel
April 7-8-9th OMETEOTL festival (3 sets), Mexico
May 21-22th Dream Catchers Festival (3 sets), Italy
May 22-23th Back to Nature Festival (2 sets), Turkey
June 24th - Elecroziles festival (1 set), Switzerland
July 1st Elisiym Festival (2 sets), Serbia
July 2nd Tundra Festival (2 sets), Lithuania
July 8-10th FREQS OF NATURE (3 sets), Germany
July 15-17th ARTMOSPHERIC festival (3 sets), Bulgaria
July 22th Kosmos festival (3 sets), Finland
July 23th Goadupa festival (2 sets), Poland
July 29-31d Waldfrieden (2 sets), Germany
August 5-7th WAO festival (3 sets), Italy
August 15-17th BOOM festival (2 sets), Portugal
August 28th Free Earth festival (3 sets), Greece
September 10th TBA (3 sets), France
October 8th Alice im Wunderland (3 sets), Germany
October 24th - Australia (3 sets), TBA

April 5, 2016 -

The demo consists of one playable level (level 03) beta 1.5.8 the game has changed a bit since then, with more polished graphics.

windows download[]

macos download[]

linux download[]

Visuals and Quality Settings:
The game is designed to run at 16X9 aspect ratio!
Initial quality setting dialogue:
- Scooter: textures are half the resolution, no antialiasing, no vsync
- Streetfighter: full quality graphics, no antialiasing, no vsync
- Superbike: 4X Multi Sampling antialiasing, vsync

Ingame visual effects settings (toggle with esc on main menu or back button on the xbox 360 controller):
- FAST: original polygon graphics, no extra effects
- MEGA: depth of field, vignetting, chromatic aberration, lensflares, bike headlight, etc.

A short visual/color coded explanation of the gameplay

The game can be paused with enter, esc, xbox start.

Thanks for trying it out, if you have any issues, don't hesitate to write me an email.

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