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The Miners
September 29, 2016 - nornik

Hey! My game received greenlight and is available in Steam store. This is thanks to your votes, so thank you very much! Hope you will buy the game and won't be disappointed :)


July 13, 2016 - nornik


I thought about this quite a long time, but finally I decided to try and make a demo version of The Miners. I was worried about successfully limit my game without any injury to game code, but I think I manged to do this.

The Miners Demo contains 2 playable races and 2 maps (+tutorial map). Additionally some achievements have been allowed. I think it provides good view on a gameplay before you make a final decision to vote on a game or buy it.

You can download it at IndieDB on below link:

The Miners Demo download

June 27, 2016 - nornik

Hello! This is a short news in which I want to share with you that you can purchase the game on my small portfolio website (link at the bottom) using provided there two widgets:

1. Humble Bundle widget (NEW)
2. Indie Game Stand widget

So, if you were not able to purchase game at IGS, you can do this through HB now.

Nornik Portfolio Website []
http:// nornikgames . weebly . com
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June 9, 2016 - nornik

Ok boys and girls! It is a time to grab good shovel or pickaxe and dig some tunnels in your mine! Mine deeper and deeper looking for precious gems and other resources like gold or silver. Do you know what does it mean?

Yes! Game is finally officially released! :D

You can buy it on Indie Game Stand store, or by using buy widget placed on my newly created small portfolio website. I encourage you to use this second option as simply more % of the price will reach me. Please see below links.

Hope you will have so much fun playing my game as I while working on it.


1. Buy game at Indie Game Stand[]

2. Buy game at my website using widget[]


PS. I know this is not Steam store as probably most of you would like, but... maybe this will help getting greenlight for The Miners :)

March 18, 2016 - nornik


One of users (DragonGino), asked me in his comment how this game is different from its "predecessor" (Diggers released on Amiga and PC). Let me answer in few words.

More than 4 years ago I decided to make my own version of my favorie Amiga game. I also decided that game mechanisms will be the same, because that was the fun. To manage these 5 miners, keep an eye on them and no let them hurt themselves. Go back to them after a while and say: "Hey! He found a gem 5 squares ago! Nice.". Or: "Wow! He found 3 gems in a row. There is a good soil here".

But, because this is my version, I wanted to add, and I added something from me. Some details, which makes my game different (of course apart from graphics, sounds and music). Please see some of them below:

1. Game has free play mode. Players can pick a map from a list, pick miners, set amount of cash to rise and play. They do not have to play campaign mode all the time. That was something that was missing previously.

2. Game supports full keyboard movement. You can move around the game and control your miners using mouse only, but using keyboard shortcuts makes things easier and faster. You can also use only keyboard, and control your miners in "platform movement style" (I think such movement was implemented in Diggers: Extractors. But, for sure it was not in Amiga version, which mainly I'm referring to).

3. Tools to buy in the shop. In Diggers, tools were... hmm... useless. Tunnelers where digging only in one direction (horizontally or vertically), you had to have one miner to keep an eye on it, to transport it from one place to another, and another miner to pick gems that tunneler found. This was your 6th or 7th "miner" to control, and simply it was too much. I agree, they looked great, but in a long term they simply caused more trouble than help. Bridges? Boats? Flood dams? Never used them. For what? Game simply have not required player to use them. Explosives? Also. There was nothing to blow up.

So, what I did here? I replaced tunnelers with mining tools which miner can keep in his backpack. Miner with this additional stuff mines much faster (in all directions). Disadvantage is that it uses space in a backpack so less gems can be carried. It is very useful for races with lower mining skill. I have also added lots of obstacles (for example cracked stones) that can be destroyed using explosives. Such obstacles usually blocks entrance to interesting places or rich in gems soil. They can be also used to create completely new entrance to the mine. If you have a mobile teleport, you can orders miners to teleport to it (they will teleport to it - not randomly to mobile teleport or to your HQ). I have also added a power fist item, which will help in fights with opposite team - I know that lots of players prefers this way to win a map ;)

Items are useful.

4. I have created 72 achievements to get. It is always nice to get some award during the game.

5. Game will have map and campaign editor attached. Both were used to create all in-game maps. I think this is something that all players wanted to have in the past.

6. As I mentioned in game description, game is half open. You can add your own content, like for example new miners races to the game. Yup! You can draw your own race, and put it into the game. I think this is really nice. And my plan is to add something additional to this game from time to time.

7. Game has tutorial :) - I know, this may be funny. But, indeed, that is something that was missing in the past, and learning controls took a while.

8. And many other details, like smoothly working camera, possibility to turn on automatic pick up gems and/or automatic selling gems, possibility to choose miners on minimap or backpack, much more gems to find, etc. Small things that makes game easier and better.

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