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Junk E.T.
July 12, 2016 - moomat

We've officially been Greenlit here on Steam!! Thank you to Valve for being Valve, and a HUGE thank you to all of our AMAZING fans! You guys made this happen! It is an amazing rush to everyone on the team to know that you guys share our crazy vision for this fat, space-faring garbage man named Dima who we so desperately want to bring to life. You guys are the greatest fans in the world, and we love you all so much! Thanks from the entire dev team!

February 9, 2016 - moomat

Hello out there in the distant reaches of junk-filled intergalactic wasteland! We're happy to announce that alpha version 0.17 of Junk E.T. has been officially released, and is available to download for all those who have signed up for an alpha key.

You're still welcome to join our alpha program if you'd like test the latest version of the game. Register an account on our web site[], then log in an request an alpha key, which will be mailed to you. Once you have received your key you may download the game from the "Alpha Testing" link under the nav icon in the top right of this web site.

In this version, Junk E.T. has LASERS! IN SPACE! You'll find the new Plasma Gun and Quantum Cannon in various shops throughout the galaxy as you explore several new and exciting environments.

There are all sorts of new fun gadgets and effects to play with as well, including Life Orbs for replenishing health and energy, as well as breakable creates and other fun things.

Be sure to download the newest version if you've tried previous versions and let us know what you think on our forums[]. We're always looking for feedback about our latest builds.

Improvements and additions:

  • Implemented Life Orbs that regenerate some health and energy points.
  • Implemented crates that break after being shot, and have a chance to drop interesting items like keys and orbs.
  • Added new environment: Organic Wasteland.
  • Added new trash heaps: Overturned Bus, Meteor and Couch.
  • Added new weapons: Plasma Gun and Quantum Cannon. The latter shoots a very powerful laser beam that obliterates everything in it's path.
  • Reworked many collision boxes, like walls and traps.

Minor changes:

  • Improved way trash heaps are generated in the room.
  • Improved player jump, which now can go through trash heaps and other items.
  • Added more awesome music tracks.
  • Added a visual feedback for when the player loses health or is nearly dying.
  • An error file is created each time an unexpected error occurs. If you see any of these jet_error files, let us know! :)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed rare crash caused by boss room being created in the wrong place.
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to instantly jump for much greater distances.
  • Fixed a bug causing Timed Switches to not trigger correctly and invert the state of some traps.

December 10, 2015 - moomat

Greetings, Junk E.T. garbage collectors! We're back with a new alpha version -- version 0.16 -- packed with a bunch of new features and fun stuff for our alpha testers to play with!

As a reminder, or if you are new to Junk E.T., you can still sign up to be a part of our alpha testing program, which enables you to play alpha versions of the game for free. Simply register an account on our web site[]. Once you have done so, you can request an alpha key and download a copy of the latest alpha build by clicking on the little navigation icon in the top-right-hand corner of the web site.

Once you've tried Junk E.T. alpha v0.16, we'd love to hear what you think about it! Feel free to use our forums[] to post any criticisms, comments or anything at all about Junk E.T. that you'd like to share!

Among the top new features we've added to this version of the game is a cutscene system for us to provide exciting new cutscenes, a new world environment and all sorts of other minor improvements.

The full change log is as follows:

Changes in version 0.16.0-alpha

Improvements and additions:

  • Added a new environment: Aether.
  • Added a new mob: Meloniac.
  • Added an initial cutscene, explaining the story and giving missions a purpose.
  • Implemented a chase AI that follows the player, independent of the obstacles in the room. You better run...
  • Greatly improved the performance of some game systems.
  • Improved explosion mechanic.

Minor changes:

  • Implemented post-processing effects. The game just got prettier!
  • Trash heaps are now associated with environments, which means leaf piles won't be found in the desert anymore.
  • Character's flashlight now follows the mouse cursor.
  • Mobs are no longer ghosts and will collide with each other.
  • Living entities no longer stop moving after taking damage.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug causing the game to be resumed while still in the escape menu.
  • Fixed trash heaps not having their intended size.
  • Fixed bug causing player inputs to be handled several times instead of just once, leading to unexpected behaviors.
  • Fixed bug that could crash the game when the player died.
  • Fixed physics update cycle, so the game runs the same way in all systems.

October 24, 2015 - moomat

Long time no see, Junk E.T. fans! It is pleasure to announce the release of the 0.15 alpha version of Junk E.T., available now to all those who are participating in our alpha testing program.

Simply log in to your account on this web site and download the game from the "Alpha Testing" link in our navigation dropdown menu in order to download the latest version.

Among many new features, tweaks and adjustments, unlockable items are now active. In the future, this system will be expanded such that achievements that players accomplish during the game will unlock new trash items, weapons and more.

There's quite a lot of new stuff in this version, so be sure to check it out and share any feedback you may have about in on our forums[http//%26quot%3Bhttp]. A full changelog is as follows:

Changes in version 0.15.0-alpha

Improvements and additions:

  • Added item pads to levitate trash items. Much cooler than items simply lying on the ground.
  • Replaced liquid tiles with holes.
  • Added two special room types: Radioactive Room and Mega Trash Room.
  • Added a new Game Over screen for when you die in-game.
  • Added a new Mission Accomplished screen for when you beat the mission.
  • Added a new Unlocks screen, showing a collection of all items found so far in the game. It also serves as an in-game wiki.
  • Added six new trash items: Pet Food Can, Ectoplasm, Prison Shackles, Target Mask, Treasure Map and Embryo.
  • Removed ability to run by pressing a key. Now the player runs all the time. Instead, a new dash mechanic was implemented, which also jumps over obstacles.

Minor changes:

  • Added new animated doors for Cave and Rusty environments.
  • Mini-map now shows a different connector between locked rooms.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing trash to be spawned in the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug causing markets to sell duplicated items.
  • Fixed a glitch causing GUI widgets not being positioned correctly.

September 13, 2015 - moomat

The Junk E.T. alpha version 0.14 is finally ready for release!

If you have registered to join our alpha testing program, simply log into your account on our web site[], click on the Alpa Testing link under the nav dropdown, and redownload the game.

If you would look to join our alpha testing program to check out the game, simply click on the nav dropdown in the top right-hand corner of our web site[] and register an account; instructions will be provided for requesting an alpha key.

This version introduces a rather large list of new content and features, primarily in the form of newly added room keys, and a stamina meter for displayed how much running power Dima has.

Additionally, we have added a bunch of new mobs (albeit with simplistic, placeholder AI for the moment), several new environments, a few new trash items, and many new effects and sounds.

As our formal release schedule is typically every other Friday, some of you may have noticed that we skipped a Friday, and even a few days beyond that; we simply needed a little extra time for this version. We will attempt to resume our typical two-week release schedule going forward.

A complete changelog of alpha version 0.14 is as follows:

Changes in version 0.14.0-alpha

Improvements and additions:

  • Added a stamina meter UI which shows if the character is tired or not.
  • Implemented three new environments: Rusty, Diner and Frozen Tundra.
  • Updated doors of Desert and Forest environments with animated versions.
  • Implemented keys and locked doors.
  • Reworked trash heaps and how fuel conversion works.
  • Mobs drop fuel orbs when they die.
  • Balanced weapon attributes.
  • Aurora Bee mob now leaves a trail of a harmful gas.
  • Added two new trash items: Floppy Disk and Poo.
  • Added 7 new mobs: Gib Pincer, Colonel Clux, Paste Maker, Bowl Buddy, Rhinowalrus, Hydra and Brocolops. (Note their AI is still very simple.)

Minor changes:

  • Restructured how environment loading works. (This opens a possibility for modding, although it's not a huge deal yet.)
  • Updated planet preview images.
  • Added a volume slider for sound effects in the options menu.
  • Decephalon shots are faster.
  • The floor under trash heaps are now dirty, as they should be.
  • Changed blood decal textures.
  • Each time a living entity gets damaged, there will be blood.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where fuel multiplier bonus would not reset before starting a new game.
  • Fixed Sasqualien and Xenapod AIs running after they die.
  • Fixed glitch causing entities not to flash when taking damage.

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