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Axe Bow and Staff
December 11, 2015 - Clewcat Games

Release notes:

* Added speed line effects when speeding up;
* Added animation for unlocking new level in the world map;
* The heroes asked for delicious food so we replaced the "heart" potions with icecreams and jellies;
* The poisoning effect will no longer stack up;
* Fixed bug: Throwing Axe doesn't show up sometimes when triggered;

* Re-did hit and damage points. Now HP is displayed as red bars and number will pop out when a unit is taking damage;
* Optimized difficulty curve for level 2-1 and 2-2;
* Added a tutorial for using items;
* Added a new ability to the Goblin King so he can command the spikes on his vehicle to attack;
* Added more dynamics to the scenes, like spiders and fire;
* Added a in-game tool for editing save data (only available in closed-beta version);
* Now you can switch control to the last hero alive if he is controlled by AI;
* The control setting will be remained after restarting from a checkpoint;
* The wizard gained more wisdom from playtesting so he is now easier to level up!

* Optimized the tutorial levels and the instructions;
* Optimized the goblin and skeleton boss fights. Now it's possible to win with any single hero;
* When taking the lead of a line, moving forward will no longer send the hero back;
* Changed initial duration of Block from 1 second to 0.5, and cooldown from 3 to 1.5;
* Added GFX for screen transitions;
* Upgradable skills are now flicking so you won't miss them;
* Fixed the bug that the item you picked up were not reset when you died before the next checkpoint;
* Fixed the sorting issue of some decorations;

November 3, 2015 - Clewcat Games

It's a major version in which we bring in tons of content update, optimization and bug fixes. Important items:
* Added levels for Stage 4;
* Added all dialogues existing levels;
* Implemented World Map;
* Optimized control for single player: mouse-focus is no longer needed;
* Fixed bugs of playing with multiple gamepads;

July 18, 2015 - Clewcat Games

Release note:

  • Re-did all the dialogues;
  • Added an setting option to disable Cursor Auto-follow. If your display is not 16:9 you should disable the option or play in windowed mode;
  • Added prompt message when trying to move with w/s key but the hero is not activated; (Thanks @RobJNova!)
  • Adjusted the algorithm for the rating: if you lose the heroes too early after each checkpoint, you are more likely to lose one star!
  • The wizard is now easier to level up;
  • New weapons are now available for purchase after finishing level 2-2, instead of level 2-3;
  • Fixed some text issues in upgrades and items; (Thanks @Koutetsusteel!)
  • Fixed the issue that some UI buttons are not clickable;
  • Fixed the issue that after mouse dragging the game time could sometimes stay slow. It still happens if you focus in/out the game when dragging, but clicking the mouse should get rid of it;
  • Fixed the issue when the hero could not move to a lane with w/s, the cursor would still move away.

July 6, 2015 - Clewcat Games

Release Note:

  • Added keyboard and controller mapping instructions;
  • Fixed mouse glitch when moving with w/s key in windowed mode;
  • Tweaked the tutorial levels to make them easier

June 12, 2015 - Clewcat Games

Release note:

  • Optimized controls: use 1-3 to focus and activate hero; mouse cursor will follow the hero after switching or moving with w/s key (only works in fullscreen on Windows & Mac);
  • Redid the rat boss's abilities;
  • Fixed bug: the heroes may overlap after moving with w/s key;
  • Fixed bug: no background music after dying in level 2-1;
  • Fixed overlay error in title menu;

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