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Steel Assault
March 4, 2015 - SriK

Thanks again to everyone for their support! :D

In addition, if you backed our Kickstarter at the $39 beta access tier or higher, we sent out e-mails to you yesterday with a link to the game's development forum! You can register there and starting posting around/giving feedback.

February 16, 2015 - SriK

We're now featured on Kickstarter! On the front page of the Games section:

We also have less than 72 hours left in our campaign, as you can see. (In fact, right now, we have about 56 hours left.) And we're only at 64% funded! There's still hope for success, though. Here's what you can do to help:

  • share our project page on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, forums, or whichever mediums you think might be the most effective
  • if you've been considering pledging, or upgrading your pledge, then now would be an ideal time to do it
  • if you're a Let's Player or a game journalist, you can contact us and we'll be happy to supply you with a pre-alpha build of the game

Again, thanks to everyone who's supported Steel Assault!

February 12, 2015 - SriK

Here's some box art that Daniel just made for Steel Assault:

We have only 6 days left on our Kickstarter! We're currently over $4300 raised, but we still have a ways to go! If you've been in the background waiting to pledge (or upgrade your pledge), or waiting to talk about our game, then now would be the best time to take some action!

February 8, 2015 - SriK

We’re currently entering the last 10 days of the Steel Assault Kickstarter campaign. Right now, we stand at over 150 backers, with almost $3,700 in funds raised! Thanks to everyone on Steam Greenlight who backed the project, and all of those who supported us in getting this far.

However, we’re still a way to our goal, and we still need all the help we can get. If you could find the time to share our Kickstarter page with others, or even just retweet our Twitter announcement/reblog our Tumblr announcement[], that could go a long way in getting us the exposure we need as we head into this last stretch.

Again, thanks to everyone here who’s supported us! And let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We’re still trying to get a polished pre-alpha demo out by the end of the campaign (and we’ve sent a more unpolished version of the game to some Youtube channels, which might help us in getting the exposure we need).

February 6, 2015 - SriK

We just posted a new Kickstarter project update talking about the history and evolution of Steel Assault! It includes old level art, music, and GIFs from earlier in the game's development, and talks about the timeline of the game's development.

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