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Don't Be Patchman
June 7, 2015 - NaturallyIntelligent

Good news - Don't Be Patchman was Greenlit by Valve!! We didn't post anything about it right away because we were shocked and unsure if it was for real or not... but we've submitted our paperwork and that got through yesterday so now we have access to the Steam product interface and will be preparing for a launch!

The current plan is to do an Early Access release, originally this was scheduled for July 2015 and while we still hope to meet that goal, we're just getting started with Steam now so we need some time to make sure that is still a realistic launch date.

The game itself is in very good shape, the first boss is complete, and we have a round of five levels that are close to finished. Joystick support is a go, with customization mapping via text file. Most of the art is ready, we still don't have a new bear yet, there is a pile of programmer art yet to be converted into ACTUAL art.

Music has been rounded up for this first batch of levels, all by Keith MacBain. The game still has poor sound effects, which might not be updated until after the first Early Access release. We're also trying out the first cutscenes, and hope to have one for each level, but again, a lot of this is new territory for us so don't hold it against us if we can't get all this done for July! It'll come eventually, that's what Early Access is all about!

Thanks for your support, thanks for following us and taking an interest, thanks to our backers, and thanks to Valve for giving our little game a shot!