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The Seven Years War
Project state: 2015-08-16
August 16, 2015 - Captain Müller (KGF)

Beta version b1.06 should be finished at the end of August
Release date on schedule: October 2015

Game enhancements:
- Added order delay for battles (orders for redeployment now take a few minutes depending on the distance to the brigade and division flag/leader), may be disabled in options menu
- Added uncontrolled unit behaviour (depending on the experience of the commanders, the regiment is attacking or falling back under wrong conditions), may be disabled in game options menu
- Added battle tooltips at loading screen of campaign battles
- Added campaign tooltips for additional help on current topics
- Added fog of war in campaign mode, may be disabled in game options menu [screenshot added]
- Native units may now be recruited in the provinces where clans are situated (only if allied with province owner and clan is strong enough)

Graphical enhancements:
- Improved firerange graphics in battle mode [screenshot added]
- Improved graphics of waypoint arrows in battle and campaign mode [screenshot added]
- Improved menu graphics quality
- Improved battle sprite graphics