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Valiance Online
The Big Catch Up Post!
July 25, 2017 - Silverhelm Studios

Here are some of our major posts from the last month or so...


"Days of Future Soon" (Alpha status and more)


Our next livestream will be 7/27/17 at 7pm EST


Also on YouTube at


Chargen starts at

Gameplay starts at

Also on YouTube at


In the News

"Building a living City of Heroes – An interview with SilverHelm studios Producer, Aaron Victoria"

"Valiance Online works with the community to develop and show off powersets"

"Working Through the Final Checklist to Prepare for Alpha"



Weekly Development Updates

Community Developer

"This week we'd like to ask how important is it to have a completely unique character name? Would you mind if someone shared your character name? What MMO do you think has the best naming system and why?"

"What travel powers would you like to see most in Valiance Online?"

"What different hair styles would you like to see in game?"

"What keeps you coming back to a specific MMORPG?"

"What would you require before officially launching your Alpha build?"

Heroes/Villains Face Off

Forerunner (villain)