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December 4, 2014 - Mastastealth

Getting there, slowly but surely.

The demo has been updated with a newly redone tutorial, which hopefully helps ease the player into the basic rules of the game better than before:

More fixes have been made in gameplay and UI. There is music, but I still need to get together a couple sound effects. Besides that, I think I want to integrate a chat system before I release this to the public for purchase.

There is also an update checker since I'll be launching on non-Steam non-auto-updating platforms first, that way the game can update itself.

3 more weeks till Christmas, I know I can launch it before then. :)

November 24, 2014 - Mastastealth

The "2 big things" that I had mentioned in the last announcement, which were gamepad support and a hard AI, have been completed! These will be updated this week onto the online demo.

All that's left now is that "stalemate" checking, some sound/music, and then I can wrap this puppy up into a standalone version for downloading! Seeing as how the Greenlight process will probably take a lot longer than I'd want, Desura and seem like the prime launch platforms for me. Let's see if I can get this thing out before Christmas!

November 14, 2014 - Mastastealth

You can now preview an online demo of the game[] and try out the tutorial/easy AI!

Some more detail on the big things the game is missing:

Controller support is coming, and semi-working (not on the online build though), however it needs some more tweaking. This, as well as the hard AI are the 2 "big" things I'd say are missing from a publicly-acceptable release. There are bugs and such to be fixed of course, for example a complete lack of stalemate detection by the game, but these shouldn't be too difficult.

Please give the game a whirl and leave your feedback, good or bad!
(But if it's bad, make it constructive :P)

November 10, 2014 - BORP

In an effort to keep development ball rolling, the time has come to finally announce Owari!

The game is heavily inspired by a game called "Wari: The Ancient Game of Africa" which came out for DOS in 1994. It was a Mancala game using the awari (also known as oware, among other names) variant of rules. This version of Mancala is typically much more strategic in gameplay than the more well known "Kalah" variation played in the States.

On top of the gameplay, the design takes many cues from minimalistic games such as Sokobond. Owari aims to provide as simple as an interface as possible to learn and play the game, both online and locally, be it versus AI or a friend.

The game itself is nearly complete, and completely playable. There is some more polishing to do but if (theoretically, as the process is never that quick) Owari were to be Greenlit this very moment, it could probably release by the end of the month!

Of course, there are more things to explain and reveal, but for now please leave your feedback!

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