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Spirit Huntress
December 16, 2014 - Ito


This last week, Spirit Huntress was showcased at RetroSevilla, a local expo here at Seville. Some friend of mine recorded and edited some excerpts from the demo available there, so I decided to upload it.

Before watching, please consider the following:

- It's early footage for a game deep in development. There are a lot of errors (in the backgrounds, animations, etc).

- It's a preview, so it's short.

- I decide not to feature any of the combat gameplay and save it for a full-fledged trailer, that will be published during the next month (january).

You can check out the video in the description page or in the youtube page:

Thanks for your interest!

- Ito

November 2, 2014 - Ito


Thanks to everyone that has upvoted this project so far. The community is growing way faster than I'd have expected, so thank you for your interest, likes and comments!

Some news .-

* New media added: Screenshot in progress of the horse mechanics (Some levels, like the "Tarma Valley" or "The Great Plains" fetaure long sections, with hidden content that you might not be able to reach in your first visit. Therefore, I think that placing some kind of conveyance would be convenient. So I'm currently working on the horse animation (quite the challenge) and mechanics.

* Character redesign: After a lot of thinking, I decided to upgrade the character design. She dresses more sensibly now, showing less skin. This gave me the chance to overhaul some old and outdated animations, like the idle stance:

* Cutscenes: (new media added) The Kickstarter pitch video will feature a little insight into some of the frame-per-frame animated cutscenes I'm working on. Here's a still frame as a preview:

* Finally, regarding your concerns in the comments about the gameplay and the focus of the game... Don't worry guys, it's a video game, not a movie. The gameplay is obviously the focus. But you'll hardly notice that just by looking at still screenshots. Hopefully the upcoming trailer will clear your worries :)

Thanks again for reading this.

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October 16, 2014 - Ito

Hi! This is the first post in the Steam page of Spirit Huntress, and since I want to start showing interesting stuff as soon as possible here, I'll be posting some animated gifs of the main character.

I would have liked to show you a full fledged trailer, but I'm saving that content for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

So here we go:

There's also this WEBM video I recorded a while ago, showing some new assets:

On a side note, Spirit Huntress is going to feature a full original soundtrack composed by myselft. You can listen to some WIP samples here:

I hope you like what you see here. If so, please consider upvoting, and show your support when the official Greenlight campaign starts :)

Stay tunned for more information, screenshots, music and trailers of Spirit Huntress.

Thanks for you interest and for taking the time to read this.

- Ito

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