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A Camp in the woods
[DEV 10] Game Status
May 28, 2015 - Millerbertinho


With the sudden additions of stuff on both Desura and Greenlight Game Pages, I felt like I *really* needed to create another DEV informational post.


Let's be honest -- The Steam Greenlight page was pretty dull on information about it, lore wise and demonstration wise. There was no way of people knowing what the game was all about with that little information, I also removed unnecessary links and images, shortened the features' descriptions and fixed some terrible typos, that went unnoticed by me all along. (You can tell me if I ever make a typo again through the comments, too!)

Also, keep in mind, our only websites are: and
You can also check the Gamepedia here: Click here. []

In-game Information

We currently have amazing wiki hosting by those awesome fellas at Curse/Gamepedia, BUT as our Greenlight page was, It was pretty dull and had tons of typos.

I am working on adding more items and quest stuff to it, I am currently looking at adding the Ores first, then tools, then food, then mechanics and all the precious information a new player would need.


I am currently planning on coding some kind of Modding Tool for the game, allowing you to change in-game stuff, I have some idea of the concept in my head now, and how it would work:

Switching original game files to new mod files through an .exe, almost like the launcher.
Keeping the original files in a backup folder, switching those to a custom one.. You know, the obvious stuff that anyone can do manually. I also plan on more in-depth modding through unofficial patch files, as they can easily mod the game.

I also released a MicroPatch on 26th May to make the game way darker, thus adding uses for new map locations and mechanics. I hope you enjoy having to find a way to turn it on and crafting the necessary materials through mining AND smelting ore..

That's all for now, players.

Miller Berto

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Fernando Esra May 28, 2015 @ 4:32pm 
Nice work Berto! ;)