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SinaRun (aka SinaRun 2)
75%! + New Update!
September 4, 2014 - Princesseuh


SinaRun 2 has been available for 13 days now. That's nice! Do you know what's even nicer? Updates. And since I'm a cool guy that like nice things. Here's a update! Also we reached 75%. Which is also nice!

If you bought the game you'll -hopefully- receive a mail with links for download and stuff.

Here's the changelog :

- Added optional crosshair (Disabled by default. Setting is in the 'Game' menu)
- Added option to jump with mousewheel (Disabled by default. Setting is in the 'Input' menu)
- Due to the fact that you can't control jump height with the mousewheel this setting make some jumps impossible. However it's still possible to use the normal jump key to.. Jump
- I honestly not recommend this option and I think it make the game literally unplayable since SinaRun 2 is not about bunnyhopping to gain speed. But some people wanted it so..

- Sideways Speed change (from 27 to 28)
- Backward Speed change (from 29 to 30)
- Max Fall Speed change (from 35 to 36)
- Jump Base Height change (from 1.2 to 1.205)
- Air Acceleration change (from 20 to 21)

I want to details these changes a bit :
- The Sideways Speed change should help people that were having problem controlling their character in the air.
- You of course lose a bit of speed by moving sideways in the air but if you were having problem landing on some close platforms this change should help you!

- The Backward Speed change can look a bit meh but like the sideways speed change I think having it a little bit higher can help landing on some platforms. Also I think it would be funny if people started doing map while looking backward to go faster but that's probably just me..

- The Max Fall Speed change make high jumps a little bit less punitive but make 'bunnyhop' a little bit harder to use at full potential.
- Also the Jump Base Height change make landing on close platform easier and bunnyhop easier to do on higher platform.

- The Air Acceleration change should make movement a little less heavy and 'flying' funnier! :)

I think these changes for the moment are okay but more changes will happen if needed! In particuliar I would like to make changes to gravity and max fall speed.

- Added new map : Wanderer Hideout. 'Snow-ish' moutains with long jumps and a little bit of sliding

- Elevated Highground :
- The shortcut (at the middle of the map) is now harder to take but more rewarding.
- The middle platform is not as big anymore and not in the same angle. Also the landing platform is now higher. That mean that bumping in the wall will now make you fall instead of making you land 'close' to it.
- The full shortcut now need two full stops instead of just one at the start (it's also a little bit harder to restart gaining speed at the end of the shortcut now)
- Made the 'rectangle thingy' where the start is a little bit higher so the inital jump is harder
- Changing the angle of the middle platform also made it easier to see. Most people didn't notice it.

- Unusual Downtown :
- Instead of changing the slide mechanic (or the speed on it) I instead changed their position on the maps
- The three first slides are now lower. This should make it easier to stay low. High Jumps are still pretty punishing
- The third slide angle is a little bit better. Make it easier to chain the two last slides
- Added more shiny particles because I can. (Shouldn't hurt performance too much)

// Fixes & Misc Changes
- Moved the Fullscreen setting from 'Resolution' to 'Video'
- Fixed a bug where the credits were for some reason super big on some resolution
- Fixed a rare bug where the dev time was something showing a wrong time
- Level preview (in the main menu) should be a little bit closer to reality now. Some of them didn't look like the original level.
- Actually I wasn't planning to fix this but because Wanderer Hideout is made a little bit differently it need to be fixed.

For the next update I would like to focus on improving performances and rewriting old scripts to allow new features and fix some issues. And in general make everything simplier! Some polishing attempt may also happen.

Thanks everyone for the support.