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Apocalypse Cow
November 23, 2017 - Monsters

Finally peeps, the time has come to unveil the current version of Apocalypse Cow. We opened up the official Store Page which shows the latest trailer and screenshots. As you will see, the game has improved dramatically!

We hope we'll re-ignite your interest as we're getting closer to release. Don't forget to support us by wishlisting the game and then by constantly speaking about it, 24/7!!!! Thanks =)

September 7, 2015 - Monsters

Hey there, people that got us greenlit!

I figured I should let you know that development is continuing strong and the game is shaping up to be something super cool. I don't know if anyone was at PAX, we had a booth there and it was the first ever public showing of Apocalypse Cow. It went amazing - it really was a great feeling, seeing people playing the game and having a great time with it.

With PAX now behind us it is back to the trenches. For the past months we've been doing some major updates to the game, mostly to the story, creating something that will put Mr Martin to shame. We are also rehauling our visual effects because.. well because cool VFX are cool! To celebrate we are releasing a new batch of screenshots!

I know development is taking longer than anticipated but hang in there. We are creating something that is worth the wait. A narrative driven, violent parody platformer that you'll have a blast playing.

You will see!

January 23, 2015 - Monsters

It feels forever since we last talked about Apocalypse Cow, partly because it's exactly how long it has been (scientifically speaking). But hey, we are back! And we will tease the Cosplay feature by revealing the first costume. You can send us your ideas too!

You see, Penny, our leading girl (who I feel you will perfectly embody) is a core gamer. She is also a pop culture fanatic. A Comic Con aficionado. A badass nerd (with a gun)! And she loves costumes, which you can unlock via quests/achievements!

The achievement system is pretty straight-forward but in a complex way. There are the regular achievements which are level specific. Then we have the Epic Quests. Quests that transcend levels and require the perfect amount of effort. These are the ones that give you a new costume when completed. Introducing the first one, The Crazy Dragonlady!

Now between bloodbaths you get to dress up like a little girl. Talk about dreams coming true!! Make sure to leave us a comment if you have cool ideas for other costumes!

November 11, 2014 - Monsters

Hey guys!

As the game is coming together we will be uploading more gameplay clips, starting now!

I just added a short one to present the core of our gameplay... the Ability! You can (barely) see it in the gif bellow because... you know... gif sucks. Or you can bask at its HD glory via the amazing technology of video:

Slow the world down, run faster than bullets, tip the tides and overcome the fiercest mushroom army the world has never seen! It also makes the explosions and blood spatters look really cool.

October 31, 2014 - Monsters

You made it happen - thank you! What a wonderful morning, when you check your mailbox
and Valve welcomes you on their platform.

All thanks to you and your amazing support!

No time to rest though. Bring as many as you can to the cow side. We will soon upload new gameplay videos and you will see, you are supporting a game worth supporting.

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