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Demo Version 0.7.5 is Out & Welcome to the Q/A Team!
November 26, 2014 - MrKittyForPrez2020


This is truly an auspicious occasion. This week, we celebrate a holiday (at least, here in America) awaited year-round by people all over the nation. It’s a holiday in which we give thanks to our fellow citizens for their generosity, their great passion, and their love of getting the latest, cutting-edge electronics at cut-rate prices. This is, of course, Black Friday. It’s mostly celebrated by corporations, but since corporations are people, my earlier statement holds.

But did you know that there’s another holiday happening this week, too? It’s called Thanksgiving, and it’s a holiday in which we…give thanks. But if you were worried that you might not have anything to be thankful for, we’re here to help!

The latest additions to the world of A.V. are complete! For your enjoyment, we’ve made a new build of the game for public release (See to get a copy!). This new release includes graphical upgrades, thanks to our recent discovery of what technophile types know as “PRETTIFICATION TECHNOLOGY”. The new release also includes patches to some significant bugs. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this going forward on account of the efforts of our NEW QA TEAM! So please welcome and give thanks to A.J. Mandula, Hanna Doerr, and Laksminarayanan Vijayaraghavan. It’s now their job to tell us what’s wrong with the game so we can remove those problems before they get to you!

Before signing off, we’d also like to mention that we’ll be holding another public playtesting session here at the R.I.T. campus. The current date in mind is on Friday, December 12th. We will provide more information as the date comes closer. Come by and join us! As with our last public play test, any Kickstarter donors who are waiting on T-shirts can receive them here. We’ll be sending along more details as we draw closer to the testing date.

So there we are! The appropriate puns for this Thanksgiving update would be:
- It offers up "a cornucopia" of special tidbits and rewards for our devoted followers!
- The new graphical upgrades are a virtual "feast" for the eyes!
- Be sue to "gobble" it all up!

You may now palm your face.

-FirstForever Games