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Amazing Princess Sarah
July 4, 2014 - Haruneko

Some questions answered:

- Sarah can attack via her sword or by lifting enemies. The peculiar thing is that each enemy does something different when thrown - a "Demonette" will cry for help, summoning bats, and when thrown she'll act like a smartbomb, a "Fatty" slows down Sarah when she carries him, a "Bomberbeast" explode like a bomb, resulting in an AoE damage, an "Archer" will disappear in a shower of arrows, etc...

- About the game size: the castles are quite big, with multiple save points along the way (the amount is variable, but there are at least 8 save point per level). Not a "symphony of the night" length, but definitely much bigger than an "angry birds" size. Just to give a comparison: even if there are 5 levels instead of 15, the game is more than twice larger than Akane the Kunoichi (plus the Newgame+ modes which introduces new game mechanics). This is not a game that will keep you playing for months and months (not Skyrim, nor Minecraft), but not even a game you'll complete in 30 minutes.

- Game is not rogue-like - there are save points, and if you get killed you restart from there

- Castles are not precedurally generated - old-style hand-made level design instead.

- Game will be priced right, according to game's content / genre - its price will probably be a little bit more than Akane's 4$, but not a lot more than that.

- Gameplay's emphasis is NOT in weapon usage, but rather in enemy throw. The sword has little range and does little damage, in order to pull some serious damage you need to pick-up enemies and throw them: each enemy does something different when thrown, has different trajectories and different hit-boxes. A skilled player can use that to "Combo-ing" them with torches and other enemies, thus getting many more experience points (as the Sarah's level increases, she has more hp and inflicts more damage).

- 1-player only

- the game can be played via controller (both x360 and generic) and/or keyboard, keys and buttons can be redefined. The game can be played fullscreen or in windowed mode.

- Trading Cards and Steam Achievements will be there, from day one