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Greenlight is being retired. For more information on how to submit games to steam, refer to this blog post.
Rampage Knights
March 10, 2015 - undead

Today we sent Rampage Knights to Valve for evaluation for Early Access. If everything goes smoothly, the game should be available sometime next week. Yay!

Here's some info for people, who may be considering to get it:

1) We set the price to $13 for now, with 10% discount in the first week after the release. The final price will probably be a little higher (around $15).

2) We also have a double-pack for $19 as the game have a 2 player online co-op. There will be 10% discount in the beginning as well.

3) The game is in pretty good shape and fully playable. There's still a lot of content missing, but main stuff like combat, enemies, maps and lots of items work already. Online co-op is fully operational, so you can play with your friend right away. Both Win and Mac versions will be available and cross-platform co-op works too.

More details coming soon, as we plan to start weekly updates after the release.

February 6, 2015 - undead

We've been neglecting this page for a while, so after a long silence here's an update! The game is finally starting to shape nicely for us. We spent a lot of time in the past few months adding new items, enemies and unique encounters to vary the gameplay and enhance the challenge of the game. And the game is quickly approaching fully playable state (yay!).

Hopefully we will start internal beta testing within a week or two. We plan to release an Early Access version soon after for those of you, who want to help with testing and fine tuning the balance of the game.

We are still fixing some major bugs (it is surprising how many of previously fixed issues have crawled back in recently ;) ). We are continuing to integrate networking with Steam, balancing the items and cleaning the clutter of experimental and broken features we don’t need in the code anymore.

Here's a picture to spice this dry announcement up a bit! :D

For those who are interested, you can watch our latest gameplay video here:

July 8, 2014 - boovie

Hi guys!

Here is a small update on the progress of the game.

You may have noticed that the Indiegogo campaign is not very successfull yet. We are trying to contact many game web sites, blogs and youtube players but so far only a few has responded. It is really hard to get noticed.

But what is really successfull for us is the Greenlight. We are currently at rank 25. Valve has been adding bundles of more than 70 games to Steam from Greenlight recently, so we are now pretty sure we will get on Steam in the next wave. And that is very important for us with regards to the online co-op and online matchmaking.

We are happy that we have received mostly positive comments from people about the game and the demo. One feature that is often requested is a local co-op on a single machine. We haven't promised this feature in the campaigns, because we didn't think it is so much important on the PC platform and also there are some gameplay and technical issues to solve. But with the amount of people who would like to have this feature, we will definitely give it a higher priority in our todo list.

Right now we are focusing on the game itself again. We are working on more items and on better skin system which allows improved hero transformations. For example you can turn yourseft into a werewolf now and then into a cyclop to become a one-eyed werewolf! (Wereclop? Cywolf? :D) We also started to work on bosses!

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