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InSomnia RPG
InSomnia - role-playing system overview
February 19 - samasta

Hello everyone! While we still fight our way with translating closed beta content to English, we would like to give you a more detailed look at current state of InSomnia role-playing system.

Creating your character

While most of the RPGs give you an opportunity to distribute the skill points and set your other stats before the actual game even started, we believe that playing a game such as InSomnia using that approach is not the best solution. How would you possibly know who you want to be in the world you are experiencing for the first time?

What we do is giving you a starting point - an opportunity to pick a background (biography) for your character which will influence your starting gear and give you initial boost for one of the skills (you'll have at least 5 various bios to pick from). After that point whenever you get a level there's a skill point that you can distribute to develop one of many skills and attributes available.

Each one of them has 4 levels (except the ones that are listed in italics under the images below) and getting higher levels require more skill points to be invested simultaneously, so no easy mode or "Jack of all trades" type of character creation will be possible. Getting levels is tough work here.


The basis of any character are Attributes. When it comes to InSomnia we are talking about:

Does SASS sound like a good and fancy short name for this system? We hope so, however you are free to come up with one on your own.

Skill types

When it comes to skills they are being divided into two main groups. First one is General Skills and it includes:

Combat Skills on the other hand consist of two different branches on it's own. Let's start with the first one which would be Close Combat. If you like to deal with your foes in person than this is what you can pick from:

...and finally Ranged Combat. If you prefer to talk to people while keeping them on the other side of your gun then this is what you are going to get:

Other than that there's also a system of so called Achievements or Scars that you will get for different reasons and that are able to make an impact on how people react to you. Also as you might have noticed there's no separate skill that would directly affect your ability to persuade people while talking to them. This is because all other skills you develop (or not) serve as triggers to certain dialogue lines or scenarios. So pick wisely...

Your choice matters

So let's say you've invested some of your skill points into Explosives. How exactly this can help you on your way through Object 6? Other than disarming landmines there are certain situations that can have a really dramatic outcome. One of the missions you will get while playing InSomnia is help with handling the revolt that was started by the group of most miserable and poor segments of Ark's population -- the Getters.

As a part of your task you are being sent into tunnels to search for any saboteurs who could possibly use the revolt to distract the attention of the Ordinate, the army-like fraction of Object 6. On your way through the tunnels you are being attacked by saboteurs indeed and next thing you know - they planned to blow up the local military checkpoint by setting up the massive amounts of explosives beneath.

If you happen to be handy enough you will be able to disarm those explosives... well, just in case. In the end you will face a young guy holding a detonator in his shaking hand. Disarming the bombs previously will prevent him from blowing up the checkpoint in case you won't be able to talk him out of this. Otherwise you will end up with your fellow soldiers get killed and basically fail your commander.

So disarming the bombs or persuading the young saboteur to get his fingers away from the detonator button seems like a perfect outcome for everyone (well the guy is going to jail obviously), but is it really it? And what happens to the revolting crowd? Live shows that sometimes there's no such thing as happy ending...

PS. until next time! We will keep you posted regarding the closed beta and all other InSomnia related activity in the following weeks.