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InSomnia RPG
Current plans and InSomnia development status
May 13, 2017 - samasta

Hello everyone! We just wanted to let you know that we continue to work on InSomnia each day spending hundreds of hours inside the game, tweaking and fixing gameplay, texts, balance, and locations design. While making the game of this size for the first time in our careers it’s really hard to follow the schedule as we realize we need more time to properly implement everything we planned. No matter how hard it can be we move towards the release.

In June we have to finish all internal tests and pass the game for more diverse testing (still closed though) to the publisher. Talking about the publishing matters – we have already narrowed down the list to few most promising companies who will help us with QA, localization, all necessary preparations for a proper release, technical support, legal aspects etc. We will let you know about our final decision regarding the publisher as soon as the agreement is signed.

Regarding the changes you see throughout the development process (interface etc) we can assure you they were definitely necessary. Our team spends most of our time playing InSomnia and we believe that these changes definitely improved the gameplay. This doesn’t mean all decisions are final – things will still be changed and tweaked. So all we ask you: please don’t be too skeptical and wait for the final results.

We continue to modify some of the core systems which will make the playing experience even more believable in terms of the story you will witness. One of the last impressive elements we have added are massive combat scenes where you are just a part of something bigger. Things like that are not very common for our genre but we absolutely love those. And as we have touched the subject, the close combat system has dramatically changed already and soon you will be able to spot the difference.

Right now as we speak the most “juicy” parts of the content are being finalized: the end game scenes, boss fights and in-game rewards for backers. BTW if you are eligible for one of these or haven’t heard from us for a while after sending your references – let us know!

Some aspects of the game will be tweaked till the final release including light effects, sounds, combat scenes and balance. We are very sorry for delaying the game. This is not something that we do on purpose, but this is what is necessary to deliver a quality product. The overall progress with the game that has been made throughout all these years is astonishing and we give you 100% we are finishing this game. It won’t take long!

All the best, Studio Mono