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May 10, 2015 - The icehouse

Hi, we didn't give a lot of news about Catyph lately, because Simon was very busy with the release on Steam of ASA: Remastered Edition, and his other projects. Things should evolve at last, and we hope that new screenshots and trailers will be revealed in the upcoming months, followed if possible by a playable demo. The game is still set to release this year and we know that Simon is working really hard on it. He said it was his biggest project until now, and that he wants to fix all the issues and mistakes he made in ASA, in order to make Catyph as good as possible.

Please, please, follow us on The Icehouse collective for the latest news about CATYPH.

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On The Icehouse blog and FB page, we share daily news about our 5 indie developers and their life, while they are working on games that were greenlit on Steam, such as ASA Remastered (released), Chilie, Catyph and Bloodwood. We also have other interesting projects, like Tales (a Sierra-style point & click), watercolors, comic books and short films, and probably more in the future!

The Icehouse collective was co-funded by Simon (the creator behind CATYPH and ASA), in order to encourage small indie developers like him. The more you can spread the word about us, the more you help us! Thousands of thanks.

December 29, 2014 - The icehouse

I just received the email that announces that Catyph was greenlit. It is incredible, I'm like a child who received his first toy and I'm very excited. Now I can't wait to finish my work and release it, to show you the result of my efforts. Thank you very much for following my progress and upvoting the game. 2015 will be the year of the Black Cube series, with the release of ASA: Remastered Edition on Steam in February, and then Catyph a few months later. You can follow my progress on The Icehouse collective where we will keep you updated about these projects. You can even download our prototype version of TBT: The Black Tower for free and see what kind of game I would like to work on in the future. Check ! Thanks again, and best wishes for the new year! -Simon

July 22, 2014 - The icehouse

I have started publishing a Making Of on TIG forums, to explain how I create Catyph. As explained here and there, I'm making the game on my own, so if you're curious and want to learn more on indie games development, the technique and softwares, you may be interested in this series of articles:

I add a new part in this Making Of once a week. You can of course come on TIG and ask your questions on the forums, or here on Steam.

June 18, 2014 - The icehouse

If you are interested in Catyph, maybe you liked the music of the short film? You can now find it on Youtube too:

Some of these tracks, including 'Mind the Mines', will be in the final game OST, sometimes in arranged versions. We think you will like the result!

You can also download the mp3 for free on Karreo's page:

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