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Runestone Keeper
23 Mart 2015 - Blackfire

Hooray! RSK is now officially available on Steam!

Thank you for you time with us. See you there in the Steam Store, adventurer ;)


20 Mart 2015 - Blackfire

Greetings Keepers of Runestone!

After months' of preparation and excitement, Runestone Keeper is finally landing on Steam! The official release date is March 23rd, 2015, at 0:00 PST. Head to the Steam Store Page for a quick view and let us know if you dig the look.

Oh, and, thank you, everyone, for your gracious support all this time. We couldn't do this without you guys and gals.


29 Ocak 2015 - Blackfire

Greetings keepers of them runestone! Thank you for your long time love and support for Runestone Keeper, and we are coming to this weekend with some good news.

As the game development is approaching to an end we would like to invite some players to participate in a beta test which includes major portions of the game. Please send us an email at support@runestonekeeper.com, to which we will reply with a key that can be used to redeem a test version on Steam. We would really appreciate it if you can tell us a bit about yourself in your email, and maybe later leave a few comments on the beta version. Thank you.

Checkout the latest trailer video at Youtube and a Demo Review[games.softpedia.com] from Softpedia.

11 Ocak 2015 - Blackfire

Hi people!

After the demo release of Runestone Keeper we are grateful to have some feedback gathered from gamers and reviewers, one of which is from Alexandru Chirila at Softpedia.

İlk olarak Alexandru Chirila tarafından gönderildi:

A rouguelike dungeon crawler that has you exploring dangerous places that are full of monsters

Runestone Keeper is a wonderful little dungeon crawler that blends in RPG, roguelike elements and a bit of turn-based strategy. Each dungeon you enter in is randomly filled with monsters, traps, treasures and plenty of other helpful items.

A good looking game with simple gameplay mechanics that make it really enjoyable
... ...

Card game style combat fused with TBS tactics
... ...

Still work in progress but it’s great work so far and definitely heading in the right direction
... ...

Thank you Alex, we are glad you like it. And folks, if you have any feedback or suggestions to the game, please let us know ;)

Checkout the full review here at Softpedia Game Demo[games.softpedia.com] page (demo also available)


9 Ocak 2015 - Blackfire

Greetings travelers!

We are super excited to invite everyone to try out this demo containing a portion of the entire Runestone Keeper experience.

Things you could try in this version:

  • become a devotee of your mighty god and receive his blessings
  • collect an epic suffixed weapon/armor and trample them monsters
  • get trampled by them monsters, hidden traps and accidental events
  • worship with runestones and get awesome tattoos on your shoulder
  • use ancient artifacts and magic skills to run all the way down
  • betray your god just to checkout his fury ;)
and much much more!

Please head over to our IndieDB Downloads page for Windows and Mac installation files.

If you enjoy the demo, please leave a comment and your feedback. Runestone Keeper is still unfinished at this point and we have got a lot stuff to do, so all your views are critical to us and much appreciated.

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