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We Need to Go Deeper
May 31, 2016 - Nick Lives

So we've noticed that many of you still have been regularly checking our Greenlight page for more information; first off we apologize for being absent here. We didn't realize that people would still be checking the page after the Greenlight process, so consider this a very late-to-the-party catch up post.

A whole lot of development has been underway these past few years; but importantly we've since switched engines (the main reason for the delayed release) to something more stable and able to handle our multiplayer capabilities, and we've more recently announced our intentions to release on Early Access sometime this year! That is, if it's ship-shape in time.

Regardless, we do implore everyone here to definitely start checking our official Website/Devlog:

or follow our official Steam Page:

...if they want to keep up on all of our latest developments!

We're not dead, we promise, folks; sorry again for the delayed announcements! I'll try to pop in here more often now regardless, in case anyone else misses the message. Thanks for your patience, everyone. We certainly wouldn't be gearing up for a Steam release without you!

- Nick Lives, Deli Interactive

June 12, 2014 - Nick Lives

Thanks to all of you guys who voted for us, and for all those who spread the word, We Need to Go Deeper is officially coming to Steam! Thanks everyone, and stay tuned via our Facebook [] and Twitter, so you'll know when we release and so you can keep updated with all the latest We Need to Go Deeper news! Thanks again to all those who supported us!! Couldn't have done it without you!

June 6, 2014 - Nick Lives

While the average lady or gentleman may think port-holes are nothing but mere glass windows that you can peer out of inside of submarines and sea ships, those with a nautically-oriented mind know that port-holes are so much more than that! Imagine a world without port-holes - what a sightless world would we be in where the wondrous creatures that await our eyes outside of our submersible is but covered up by metallic sheets, shielding the wonders of The Living Infinite from our virgin eyeballs! It’s too much to bear, I say! Which is why we decided to spread port-hole awareness with our first ever We Need to Go Deeper giveaway contest!

To enter this splendid contest and have a chance at winning fabulous We Need to Go Deeper prizes, all you need to do is draw, photograph, film, or compose a piece of visual or audio art that fits the theme of “Thinking With Port-holes.” Show your enthusiasm for port-holes, and get creative! Think of all the wondrous uses you can have for port-holes, think of all the things in your life that would be made much better with the addition of port-holes; start thinking with port-holes!

Once you have your entry ready, post a link or embed it here in the comments, and the developers of We Need to Go Deeper will determine the winner by the end of the week! Entries will be judged on creativity, humor, and originality among other factors. We want to see all of the crazy ways you guys can think about port-holes!

Please try to keep your entries work safe, and make sure that the work is your original creation – that means no putting copyrighted materials in your piece! (However, if you’d like you may use materials from our game such as We Need to Go Deeper screenshots, character art, portholes, etc.)

The Grand Prize Winner of the contest will receive 4 Steam codes for We Need to Go Deeper once the game releases after being Greenlit, so that they can send out the extra copies to their friends and dive into the Living Infinite with a full crew ready to go! They will also receive a personalized digital portrait from the We Need to Go Deeper artist, Nick Lives, depicting them in the We Need to Go Deeper style.

Runner Ups will each receive 1 Steam code for We Need to Go Deeper once the game releases after being Greenlit. There will be 3 runner ups, so there are plenty of chances to win a copy of the game!

The contest ends on Sunday, June 15th, so you scamps better get started!

Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook[] so you can keep up on all the latest We Need to Go Deeper news!

May 30, 2014 - Nick Lives

Thanks to all you voters out there, after only 23 days on Greenlight we've already broke into the Top 100 games! At the time of writing we're ranked at #78 to be exact, so we've only got a little more to go before landing in the safe zone of the top 75. Thanks to all of our fans and especially all of the people who have been helping get the word out there! Keep spreading the word, though, as we still have to maintain our position for another month or so to make it into the next batch.

Also, be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook[] pages to keep up to date on all the latest news about We Need to Go Deeper, plus it's really helpful for us because it means you guys can share and retweet and stuff to help spread the word even more! Thanks again folks, couldn't have made it this far without ya.

May 9, 2014 - Deli Interactive

As we've been receiving many questions and comments these past few days, we've decided to add an FAQ section to the end of our game's description (as I'm sure some of you may have already noticed). As we've discussed in more detail some of these questions as a team, we've made some adjustments to some of our answers.

We plan to continue adding sections to the FAQ as more of your questions and comments come in, but feel free to start Discussions about other elements that may interest you and we'll try to pop in to let you guys know what's up.

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