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Moving Right Along!
May 26, 2014 - Tenwall

"Character Placeholder Art"

Hello there,

  • The final comic strip is in the ending stages of being reviewed by our Art Director
  • There are placeholder characters for everything, awaiting the finished ones.
  • The city has finished buildings!

  • Our art director has just finished a dress made of graphic novel pages to be worn by Game of Thrones actress, Maisie Williams! We're all super proud of him and are excited to see her sport it at an event in England! WOOT WOOT!

  • The quests of City #1 are 66% done!
  • The demo is looking to be about 15% of the entire game, in terms of story arcs.

  • The "Health" bar is now fixed on the bottom UI component! This is exciting, since the former solution was a GUI that set its location based on the screen resolution, and led to inconsistencies in the location on the screen!
  • The camera now has the UI components anchored to each part of the screen! This seems smaller than it is, because before we had to be stuck in a 1024x768 pixel ratio, and now we can fullscreen to any size without black space!
  • The first quest is completely coded and feels great! We'll see how our BETA testers respond to it, we're hoping that it will ease story elements while allowing to get a feel for the universe.
  • There is no inventory system in place. But now when BLEAK is holding something, it appears in the bottom UI, and allows him to hold up to 2 things at a time. He automatically uses them with characters if they're looking for what he has.

Thank you so much for staying tuned! We're looking at a BETA demo for our testers in late June, and then a summer demo for everyone else!

With love,
Tenwall Creatives