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Cars Incorporated
A word about the graphics
April 15, 2014 - Merced

Thanks everyone for the support so far and the feedback (good and bad) through various channels, which will help me improve the game.

But let me address the topic graphics as that seems to be major concern here: Most of the graphics, especially the backdrops are alpha placeholders, mostly made in Paint Shop Pro (quick and dirty ;-) and are scheduled to be replaced in v0.60, as at that point most of the game's structure will be in place and I can spend the effort of doing much higher quality renders in Blender in the different resolutions that the game will support in the end.
Doing them now would mean doing them again later as many parts of the layouts are still likely to change. This IS an ALPHA after all. The cars themselves will also gain more details and placeable items over time, especially in versions 0.50, 0.70 and 0.80 which are scheduled to expand the range of car generations and the gametime at the same time. You can find more information on the major topics for each version here[].

Of course the graphics are also evolving in between, mostly on a "as needed" basis. Here's a quick example. This is the office screen as it currently looks:

It was quickly thrown together when I did some small parts for the cars in Blender to replace the ugliest screen in the game. This is how the office looked between versions 0.01 and 0.25:

Since this seems to be the major point that puts many people off (strange for a small indie game, as they often look ugly as hell but are often quite fun to play) I will be working on the graphics more prominently for version 0.40 (the next major update). This will not be the complete GUI overhaul and graphics update (as the reason for doing it in v0.60 still exists) but I will try to revamp every major graphic to a 3D rendered version that is above of what the office looks like now (but still below of what it will be like in v0.60, as I will spend much more time on it then).
This means I will be spending some time on it, but not most of the development time for v0.40. Of course this will also mean that I have to reduce my plans for v0.40 a little and bring the missing pieces in later. This will likely mean that I will be dropping additional game modes, scenarios and additional multiplayer modes for now, but this isn't completely decided yet as it also hangs on how good or well the game is doing in early access sales via the website by then, as that determines how much time I can afford to spend on developing.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback!

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bauto601 [NL] Jun 3, 2014 @ 8:37am 
Well, i was also thinking of buying this game but the graphics made me think that this was a project that will never be finished because the base is already outdated. But this made me buy the game. Now i know this is just a temporary GUI i think that this is going to be a great game. (I think that many people are just scared that this project will never finish, because the graphics are the thing that your game presents to others. You know how good the game is but others don't know that yet.)