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Private Eye
Oculus Rift's Private Eye bidding for Greenlight
April 2, 2014 - Slacker Games

Hi, we are building Private Eye for VR from the ground up - we think that is the best way to get the most from VR's exciting new territory. Private Eye is striving to be one of the most cinematic experiences available for the rift. We want you to feel that you are the protagonist in a moody, detective thriller with a compelling narrative filled with great characters, intricate puzzles and a story with depth.

The setting is a very noir New York city in the 1950s. You will assume the role of Sam Sunderland who awakes in hospital with no recollection of his past. We feel this is a perfect fit for VR as you are assuming a character you know nothing about so it makes sense that they won't either. From the accident, you have also lost the ability to walk, you will bound to a wheelchair. This will place the focus on looking rather than moving which we think is better tailored to the VR experience.

The game will take its cues from modern day thriller films such as 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', attempting to conjure that moment when, through close investigation, a revelation from among the clue cluster is discovered. The clues will revolve around a high profile murder mystery but will also have links to your past.

You will primarily be looking outside your window observing the goings on from around your neighbourhood using a pair of binoculars - think 'Rear Window'. As you survey the environment memories will become unlocked. Once a memory has been unlocked you can travel to and fully interact with that memory just as you do in the present day. Clues and references will be found in your memories and help you progress. There will therefore be a cyclical relationship between the present and your memories. By travelling to memories this allows us to take you to varied environments made difficult by the lack of movement from the disability of your character.

We want to bring point-and-click sensibilities to VR. We think paced, atmospheric storytelling is a perfect fit and we hope you do too.

We will be heading the Kickstarter in the near future, it will be timed with a release of our fully playable gameplay demo. We hope that you will keep a look out for our game and help us achieve Greenlight status.


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