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24 de mayo de 2015 - MixedBag Srl

Hi there, I'm Mauro, one of the two founders of MixedBag, the team that's working on forma.8. First my apologies for the severe lack of communications on the game here on Steam. It's something we really want to address for the future starting from... now!

So, why it's taking so long? We started working on forma.8 in 2012, announced it at E3 2012 as an iOS exclusive, then re-announced for PS4 / PSVita / Wii U / PC / Mac / Linux / iOS in 2014. At the same time we were working on Futuridium EP and we released Futuridium EP Deluxe on PS4 / PSVita, since working on a single game was not enough...

forma.8 is quite a big project: when we started it the idea was to do the game we really wanted to play. So, an open world metroidvania with all the usual stuff: power-ups! Combat! Boss fights! Exploration! Puzzles! Extras! And add to it that we didn't want to do another platformer so let's introduce a peculiar control system and new game mechanichs.
As you can imagine, it turned out that doing a metroidvania is astoundingly hard, even harder if you are a two-men team on your first project.

Our original plan was to release the game in 2013 for iOS. We missed it.
We were given the opportunity to work on PS4 / PSVita and Wii U, so we hoped to release the game at the end of 2014. We missed it again (but we released Futuridium EP Deluxe instead!).

In the meantime, the indie scene changed dramatically: the quality of indie releases skyrocketed and forma.8 really felt a bit old and needed a makeover. We kept the original look and design but we added a ton of details, reworked all the enemies and interactive elements adding animations, reworked all the particle systems, redesigned all the interface and so on. We also migrated the game from Unity 4 to Unity 5 and, at the same time, we ported it from the 'old' 3d Unity physic system (PhysX) to the 2d engine (Box2D), with the benefits of a huge performance boost and better stability.
Oh, we've also increased the team size: we are now a six full time team, working on the game non-stop!

You can see what the makeover looks like in the latest screenshots we posted and here are some lovely animated GIFs:

Link to WAY BETTER versions of the GIFs:




We're now hard at work on finishing the game. If everything goes as planned we're targeting a late 2015 release here on Steam.

We're posting regular updates on the project on Twitter and FaceBook:



So follow us to be always up to date on the project!

Thanks for your support!

10 de marzo de 2014 - MixedBag Srl

We've been interviewed on the venerable Gamasutra[gamasutra.com]!
And Andrea, the half of MixedBag who does all the graphic design and work, gives a little explanation on why we decided to give forma.8 the current visual look.

Here's the full interview on Gamasutra:

Gamasutra interview: MixedBag is one Italian indie studio you should keep an eye on[gamasutra.com]

Here is a little excerpt:

"With forma.8 we are aiming to do a complex and heavy assets game - maybe a little bit too complex for a two people team, so we thought it could be a good idea to approach it by subtraction, simplifying the graphic pipeline as much as possible."
"This brings up the necessity to be interesting, even with a simpler aesthetic. We finally came up with the decision to use the black silhouette for all the gameplay elements and constrain colors to everything that's on the background/foreground. So now the game is framed in black, and the map design flows - in some way - like panels in a comic book."

And there's also a little hands on video!


7 de marzo de 2014 - MixedBag Srl

Amazing news for us, forma.8 got was mentioned on Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday. Our hearts melted reading the title 'forma.8 looks rather lovely'.


We're humbled!

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