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The Exiled (formerly Das Tal)
Feature Spotlight Video Series
May 7, 2014 - Fairytale Distillery

Hey guys! I have just uploaded the first in a series of videos in which I will discuss various Das Tal features in detail, to create a bit of an information playlist.

This first video focuses on the TimeBoxing feature, which along with causing Das Tal's servers to end, influences a great deal of the day to day gameplay.

Some things I discuss in the video:

- How Time-Boxing helps to bridge the difficulty gap between new and veteran players.

- How awesome it is to be thrown into many different game worlds, rather than just hanging out in the same old place.

- How Time-Boxing allows us (and players) to tinker with server settings to find what we like best or just to have some fun.

You can view the video on this page, or head over to our blog where you will also find some bloopers of me losing my mind whilst filming:

I will add to this series as we move along, I hope you guys find the information interesting :)