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Kanji Training Game
May 20, 2014 - riderin

We have uploaded music of Kanji Training Game on SoundCloud []where you can listen to all of the tracks which are included in the main game! We hope you will enjoy these tracks, which will be available as a free download in high quality once Kanji Training Game gets released on Steam!
SoundCloud []

February 28, 2014 - riderin

Hello everyone, i'm Grigoriy Krasikov and this is Karlo Kopun, from Targhen games. We're going to answer all of your questions regarding KTG, so let's start with the first one!

Q: Why have you decided to publish an educational game on steam?
A: We have decided to publish it on Steam as we wanted to be one of the first indie developers to publish an educational game on steam.

Q: What is the difference between Android and PC version of KTG?
A: Android version is free but has ads, whilst Steam version will cost a few dollars.

Q: Do you plan to add more languages in the future?
A: We sure do!

Q: Will the graphics look better on PC version?
A: We plan to improve the graphics in future update.

Q: There was something mentioned about free soundtrack for PC version?
A: Yes! You will be able to download the soundtrack for free after you purchase the game.

Q: Will the game get any content upgrades in the future?
A: Yes, future content upgrades will include more game modes.

Q: Why don't you release the PC version for free and include ads in it?
A: We wanted to do a different approach on the PC version.

Q: Will the game have voice control and calligraphy training?
A: We never really had any plans to include this function, so it is really hard to tell wether it will be available in the future or not.

Q: Do you plan on expanding the Kanji list?
A: There is a possibility of expanding the list in the future.

Q: Does this game require online connection in order to function?
A: No. KTG can work offline without any problems.

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