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Krita - Digital Painting
Next beta build ready
February 9, 2014 - boud

One reason the Krita team started this Greenlight campaign last Friday is that Krita is now rapidly approaching its next major release, the first where we are confident we have a good and stable release on Windows as well as Linux!

The release is expected for Febuary 26th, and until then, we'll be preparing beta builds for Windows users!

Last night, we released

Or check out

Bug fixes in this release are:

  • Fix drag and drop of a layer within the layerbox: it now moves instead of copies the layer
  • Fix merging the last point of a vector path. Press shift+click to merge and smoothe the path or click and drag on the start point and get an automatic tangent point
  • Improve the icons in the layer box
  • Make fuzzy rotation rotate in both directions instead of only one
  • Fix loading files with phong bump-map filter layers after changing the colorspace of the underlying layer
  • Make Select Opaque work on group and vector layers
  • Fix an issue with using the Text brush in pipe mode
  • Fix loading Krita brush presets (.kpp files) to edit them as images
  • (Linux and Krita Studio only) Support an OpenColorIO workflow for 8 and 16 bit integer RGBA images
  • Fix issues with display color management and make it easy to install new profiles
  • Fix a crash when trying to drag & drop a really big layer between instances of Krita
  • Make the simple color selector work without jumping around so much
  • Improve the color picker cursors
  • Fix some issues with the right-click popup palette when using a wacom stylus
  • Fix some issues when using the stylus eraser after panning with the spacebar
  • Fix a hang when using the text tool on Windows 8
  • Fix an issue when drawing a freehand vector path
  • Make the reference image docker scale the image smoothly
  • Add drag & drop of images into the reference image docker
  • Fix the aspect ratio of the artistic text shape

Have fun painting and share your work with us in the discussion forum!

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boud Feb 11, 2014 @ 6:16am 
Hi SaintHeiser,

We don't make linux builds ourselves, linux distributions do that for us. So, for instance, Kubuntu is packaging each beta as they are being released. There are two execeptions: there's the Krita Lime repository which has regular builds made from git master (and those are therefore really bleeding edge) and CentOS, for which my company maintains commercial support and repository with regular upgrades.

What never ceases to surprirse me is how many artists actually build krita all by themselves!

Check out, for instance, David Revoy's Guide : Building Krita on Linux ( for cats ) [] :-)
SaintHeiser Feb 10, 2014 @ 9:12pm 
And what about linux build?