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4 de junho de 2016 -

Login now and check out the latest update and see how much the game has improved!

Mega update to the Armory! Added 36 items to the basic Armory and 26 Artifacts! All new artifacts are added to the Armory Super Value pack available as DLC on Steam.


  • Increased Copper Rewards for PvP Games.

  • Updated Metagame Awards.

  • Updated Release Dates for Breed and Items, for sorting purposes.

  • Block Chance & Repel Stats now explained in Help Center.

  • Added settings to turn Breed VO on/Off.

  • Added more Starting keys for new registered players.


  • Decreased points awarded for kills.

  • Nerfed Brood "lord of Flies" Blind Duration.

  • Nerfed Brood "Stomp" Stun Duration.

  • Added "popup" text for the Block Chance Stat Description.

  • Increased Archaic Sword's reset Ability Cost to 2 Nectar.

  • Increased Demonata's Bloodchill Power Damage to +45 per LvL up.

  • ncreased Demonata's Necromastery Stats Buff to +30% base and +2.5% per LvL up.

  • Nerfed Brimstone's Thrust Power Damage to + 20 per LvL up

  • Nerfed Brimstone's Deflect Duration to + 0.2 seconds per LvL up

  • Nerfed Brood's Stomp Damage Power Damage to +75 per LvL up

  • Nerfed Brood's Putrified skin Health "shield" to 10% base

  • Nerfed Brood Lord Of the Flies Power Damage to +25 per LvL up

  • Decreased Brutal Bow's Armor Pierce to 8 and added +5 Attack Damage.

  • Decreased Spur Bow's Armor Pierce to 10 and Gold Cost to 800.

  • Decreased Auerole Bow's Armor Pierce to 10 and Gold Cost to 1480.

  • Decreased Nimbus Bow's Bulls' Eye Ability Armor Pierce bonus scale from Power to 5% + 5% per LvL up.

  • Decreased Nimbus Bow's Armor Pierce to 15.

  • Decreased Haunted Blade's Haunt Ability Flee Duration to 1 second + 0,2 seconds per LvL up.

  • Decreased Haunted Blade's Damage to 50 and Life Steal Stats to 20%

  • Decreased Rod of Terror's Power to 75 and Power Pierce Stats to 50.

  • Increased Osseus Bow's Mindfire Ability Mana Drain to 5% + 2% per LvL up

  • Increased Corpus ShockLink and Jolt Power Damage Bonus scaling to 100%

  • Fixed a bug with Brimstone's Deflect if cast on an Ally (had no damage immunity).

  • Added, warnings for ranked banned system. "Warning, you failed to lock in a Breed this will get you banned in PvP Matches!" Message if below Rank 2. "You failed to lock in a Breed, you have been banned from playing PvP Matches for one hour!" If above Rank 2 you get a 1 hour ban from PvP.

  • Added "Repel" Base Stat. Repel reduces the duration of stuns, slows, fears, silences, blinds by a % value.

  • Fixed Autoupgrade break if you buy potion.

  • Default camera is moved slightly further out for a more tactical overview.

  • Fixed issue with dash from center map in mirage to the banner stand.

  • Fixed the Stop key command function.

  • Fixed issue with dash through the dungeon door you stay underground.

  • Fixed Forge text update, ref to wrong hotkey.

  • Decreased the experience gained from Enemy Breed kills, from 75% to 65% of the total experience required for a Breed to go from the slain Breed's current level to the next level up.

  • XP reward for Breed Kills is now modified with 10% instead of 5%; upwards PER LVL difference if target is of HIGHER LVL or downwards if target is of LOWER LVL.

  • Fixed issue with Cinder spawning without weapons."

  • Fixed issue with Cinder "Teleport Behind" Function should be "Teleport in front" when used on Behemoth.

  • Fixed issue with Pyre Gemini’s "Firestorm" stun.

  • Fixed issue with Nekros’s Reanime (ulti) not matching up items etc.

  • New default distance on game camera.

28 de fevereiro de 2016 -

Click for a Pyre Gemini Sneak Peak

Servers are up and running again after this scheduled update.

There have been so many improvements, fixes and content added that it'll take us a while to put together a change list.

In the meantime, please play and let us know what you think!

We’ve also removed the e-mail verification and registration requirement, so if you have the game installed but never got past the registration, now’s your chance!

27 de fevereiro de 2016 -

We are hard at work completing an update for the end of tomorrow (Sunday) Swedish time. Hope we make it.

It’s a BIG update this one. Lots of improvements and new content!

Hope to see you helping out testing it once we've updated.

Download and play for free now!
Deadbreed Steam Store

15 de setembro de 2015 -

Cusp the Faun has been torn from the bone fields outside the grand grove to fight for you with this update that also features a HUGE change to the core game play (faster, more responsive game play and action indications, balancing and player feedback) to mention a couple of important things.

Login now and play!

  • Made the Core Game play more responsive (modifications we’ve made are too many to list, however you’ll notice the damage indicators, easier to pick targets, faster to move your hero, better attack responsiveness and overall better responsiveness to many hero abilities in general including Domini’s Terraslam and Brood’s Stomp ).

  • Separated the in-game Item Armory into four categories; Attack, Defense, Power and Movement meaning its now easier to navigate the shop. Also added a “sort by name”, (alphabetical) sorting filter.

  • Added the “Block Chance” mechanic and statistic. Block Chance provides a % the incoming attack will miss.

  • Added four base (free) Shields (an item chain) to the Armory with the Block Chance stat (Block Shield, Bulk Shield, Bastion Shield and Quantum Shield).

  • Cusp the Faun is available now! Here is a short description of his ability set.

    Activate to create a pool of Ambrosia (over 2 seconds) that lasts for 10 (+2 per Ability Level Up) seconds. If you or an Allied Hero moves within range of the pool, it'll be drained and regenerate 100 (+25 per Ability Level Up + 50% bonus from equipped Power Items) plus 10 (+2 per Ability Level Up) bonus PER Nectar Resource Orb you hold.

    You create a magical link between yourself and all Enemies within 6 (+0,2 per Ability Level Up) units that lasts for 5 (+1 per Ability Level Up) seconds. While the link is active, you reduce the targets to 100% (-5% per Ability Level Up) of their base Armor and Power Damage resistance values.

    Hex Orb
    While active, Spirit resource Orbs you collect are converted to Hex Orbs that circle around you (up to max of 2 (+2 per Ability Level Up) Orbs)). Re-activate the ability to explode the Orbs and deal 50 (+10 per Ability Level Up) Power Damage +(50% bonus from equipped Power Items) PER Orb to all Enemies in 4 +(0,2 per Ability Level Up) Range.

    You form a Bulwark around yourself or an Allied Hero within 4 + (0,2 per Ability Level Up) Range. In this form, target gains 30% (+5% per Ability Level Up) Block Chance and inflicts 35% (+10% per Ability Level Up) Move Speed Deduction to Enemies within Range. The Bulwark lasts for 1 (+0,25 per Ability Level Up) seconds PER Nectar Resource you hold. The duration is doubled during Daytime.

  • Did a balancing pass on ALL hero base stats, abilities in general and ability cooldowns and Mana costs.

  • Did a balancing pass on ALL hero base stats, abilities in general and ability cooldowns and Mana costs in particular.

  • Fixed an issue with the weekly key reward sequence displaying invalid number of keys.

  • Updated the Copper Coin rewards for Meta game play awards.

  • Updated the Loot Drop Tables (in-game chest and barrel drops).

  • Updated the Daily Quests (including the requirement on many of them to be carried out in PvP mode).

  • Added the Furiosa Cinder, Dhalia Cinder, Imp Cusp and Salamander Anuran skins.

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