Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

„Зелена светлина“ се оттегля. За още информация относно това как да подавате игри към Steam, моля, консултирайте се с тази публикация в блога.
18 юли 2016 - Evelend

Hello dear Adventurers!

Today we come with a special update that covers the development status from all the different fronts of the game, each and every one of them being aspects of it we are very much invested in, and that we wish to be fully satisfied with before presenting it to the world.

We divided it into sections so you get a better picture of how much has been done and what to expect for the first playable version. So, here we go:


The items are all ready. Menus? Check! Characters, npcs and mobs are ready to rock. The particles are looking amazing. The music and other assets are also good to go.
We've now finished the bosses and environments for the first release, and they will increase in number in later versions.
Of course we keep future expansions in mind for which we only have drafts but no actual graphics yet, but in general the graphic aspect of the first AdventurOS version is ready to shine bright, with just a few little exceptions here and there.

Some attack and other “in between” animations will be added to the mobs in time.
Some of them already have this, but we will keep making them all look even more alive.


An awesome soundtrack is already rocking our long dev hours, but the last step in development will be implementing sound to the game itself.
Since we are using the terrible, terrible game maker, we decided not to import the audio files until the end to reduce loading time while testing.
We have most of the SFX ready, minus perhaps a few charming sounds to add to our enemies.

Game Menu

The menu is finished as stated above, although there is this one section that will not be open to the public until after the release.
We don't consider it to be relevant for now. We want to focus on the main game and add it later as promised to our backers.


All the items that are to be included on the first public version of the game are ready. We have a wide variety of swords, spears, shields and all the other necessary equipment for your player.
The sprites are all ready for action, but we still need to pour a lot of hours into adding and adjusting the different stats of all the items.
Potions also need some extra work. For now every item is being cataloged with a set of general properties shared by all of them.
Our idea is for items to eventually get more interesting and significative effects and uses when equipped or consumed, such as glow, auras and other ideas that sound and will hopefully look great but are still not in development.


we were initially planning on creating a (perhaps unrealistic) amount of different monster behaviors. This is an area that we are actively developing right now. Unfortunately, the boss fights will have to be delayed and be added in an update after the initial beta release.


We have implemented 8 types of reasonably functional NPCS.
We still need to generate the NPCS that will give you quests. A lot more work needs to be invested in this area, it goes hand in hand with the monsters since both are based off your files and the development process is similar.


The basic functionality of quests is working. You can take, locate, and complete quests.
We also have a long list of different kinds of missions to add but we still need to merge both worlds. After this and the usual testing, there will be a lot of things to do while you are fighting enemies and discovering the secret life of your files.

Character skills and abilities

The skills and abilities of the main character are half way done. We have some of the abilities that facilitate movement on the map, and some magic skills. The last ones on the progression tree have to be developed as well as the overall testing and balancing of the damage/mana cost, all of them also tested within the gameflow.

Other areas

There are a lot of areas that are not that easy to catalog or are too big to explain.
We wanted to make this article to let you know how the game is evolving and of course we can answer any further questions in the comment section.

We understand that it has been a long time since we started this adventure together. We apologize for the delay and we promise it will all be worth it.

25 май 2016 - Evelend

Hello there dear Adventurers!
Special kudos to our newsletter’s subscribers! You will definitely be the first ones to read the blog entry, so welcome! If you wish to subscribe but haven’t yet, just CLICK HERE[eepurl.com].

Today we bring you a very interesting topic: The enemies.

The monsters are crucial for AdventurOS to be the fun game it is.
Getting your own files to chase you around is really cool! However, adjustments have had to be made along the development process.
When we started coding the artificial intelligence of the enemies, we made them pretty good at killing you. They could see where you were and where you were running to, plus they dodged your attacks.
After play testing a little bit we realised they were out of proportion. If you analyze the monsters in similar titles, you will notice that those monsters follow patterns.
You hardly ever come across a game where enemies show diverse ways to approach you. Instead, they repeat patterns and therefore become predictable. Why? Because, when well calibrated, getting to know how to defeat predictable enemies is very entertaining.
And that is how we noticed AdventurOS needed to undergo such calibration too.
You need gracefully choreographed actions to defeat your enemies, so knowing how they will behave is the most important skill to master if you wish to succeed.
Too effective monsters can be very frustrating, so in order to make the game fairer to the player, we basically started from scratch and redesigned the different patterns.

There are two main kinds of enemies in AdventurOS, the ones who can fly and the ones who can't.
Flying monsters can be tricky to implement sometimes. They are pretty simple to code but at the same time it is not easy to find ways in which flying monsters can make navigating harder, which is the usual goal of flying enemies in levels.
On the other hand, we have the walking monsters which are there to challenge your skills and test your abilities. They are harder to defeat and always ready to surprise you. But in AdventurOS you can bend the rules and use the elements in your favor to turn those hard fights into an easier task. After all, you can easily extinguish a fire with water, can’t you?

Thanks for all the positive feedback we keep receiving. Please feel free to send those aspects of the game you are curious about, and we will do our best to give you a closer look into it through the gates of the amazing AdventurOS castle.

We love you all!

9 май 2016 - Evelend

Hello there!
We know it has been a long time, and we thank you all for your kind messages of support!
We would like to encourage all of you guys to send us your inquiries because we think you deserve our feedback and we really want to be there for you.

Today we want to tell you a little bit more about what's behind the design process of AdventurOS. The game.
When we started flirting with the idea of creating a world out of each computer's files and folders, we encountered a lot of problems and exciting riddles to solve (to say the least!)

A classic one is the zip files being interpreted as chests. When you have a game in mind that enables the player to create the rooms, you have to make sure the design includes measures to avoid cheating.
In order to fix the problem of the player having the chance of creating unlimited chests, what we did was simple: We added a key for each chest you want to open.
This makes getting keys necessary before being able to open chests. And, how do you get those keys?
The keys are only earned by killing files, so if you want to open all the chests in that chamber that you just smartly created, you have a long way ahead of you!

Another issue has to do with the room generation process.
It is very hard to create a procedural world that is connected so that the player progresses, while you must also add obstacles to block access to certain rooms so that the game still makes sense. If that makes sense.
As you already know, metroidvania games give you abilities that invite you to re-explore areas that you have already visited in order to unlock extra content.
In AdventurOS you will need to get this special abilities by earning Adventure Points.
There are several ways of bypassing the special barriers created for you to overcome, and by exploring you will acquire the skills needed for that purpose.
You can get Adventure Points by visiting new areas or cleaning rooms in the castle or by finishing quests given to you by friendly NPCs. Long story short, the more adventurous you are, the more Adventure Points you can earn!
This has improved the pacing of the game. You will keep discovering when you are able to face each new challenge ahead.

A lot of ideas that we thought were amazing turned out to be "not so good" once the prototype began to be playable, but the iteration process is making them all fit in place to ensure that the game will turn out to be fun and enjoyable.

This is a long and painful process that taught us many things, what not to do among them, but soon enough we will enter the “Now we are talking” era for our dear baby game AdventurOS, and we will be very excited to welcome you all to enjoy it with us.

Thanks for reading and we'll keep you posted, promise!

We love you all!

17 февруари 2016 - Evelend

Dear Adventurers,

Ninety nine point nine percent of your messages are of pure support and full of words of encouragement. There are, however, a few exceptions that show understandable signs of impatience about our release.

Let us give you some perspective on this:
As AdventurOS parents, we decided to do this, and we decided to do this well. The game has never been cancelled, and it will never be. That is out of the question, so everybody relax.
This is a ship that's being tricky to drive but that is far from sinking.

We work on it daily since day one and we keep working very hard. AdventurOS is a game that we stupid newbies thought would be a piece of cake but turned out to be a titanic project. We are just a crew of three and our funding was encouraging but merely anecdotic, so we must keep a regular job each to stay alive. So that we can develop AdventurOS.

For our baby game we have all turned our backs to many other life opportunities so that we can keep working on this and finally make it happen. You have all probably read about all the bureaucratic issues we also had and still have, which just adds up to the pile of shit independent developers must go through. But for every challenge that's put in our way we just say BRING IT ON! even louder than before and get immediately back to work.

We just want to go through it as gracefully as possible, without stepping on any of our principles (after all, that's what having no boss should mean) and it turns out that, in the meantime, many ideas were implemented in the now enormous AdventurOS snowball, so the tiny indie game we advertised is going to come up as an out of proportion piece of gaming awesomeness. This means that we must apologize for our unrealistic deadline and consequent delay, but that after all you guys will eventually get a game that is worth much more than what you initially paid for it.

We have discussed this before with our main backers and countless regular backers, and we all agree on a "product over deadline" approach. By the way, thank you guys for walking this path alongside us! We thank you for your patience and understanding of the full picture, and AdventurOS is going to be everyone's reward.

Big hugs, we love you all.

AdventurOS Team.

1 януари 2016 - Evelend

Hello everyone! Our months working together in Tokyo were wonderful development-wise, but now it's time to part and be back to remote collaboration.

We will miss each other very much.

Should our passport country (Spain) be in a different phase, I think we'd all give settling here a shot. However, this country is far from being a self-employed or freelance-friendly one, and it is especially unadvised if you work in the software industry.

There is a chance that the strongest emergent party could change that in the long run, but it does not seem to be going to happen in the near future. Now Spain doesn't even have a government to begin with!

Whatever happens, and wherever each of us chooses to spend 2016, we have just charged batteries together and are determined to take AdventurOS very far. We apologize again for the unrealistc deadline we once set, but it will all be worth it, for us and also for you guys.

We have so far walked a path of exploration and discovery of our own profession, of the industry and all other (rather stupid) rules that may (and will!) apply.

Thanks for walking along with us!

Now, if you are curious about what's lately on our desks, we can start by telling you how pleased we are to have replaced the Python indexer side with golang.

Also, the Story Mode took shape and we are loving it!

Development processes are usually surrounded by much secrecy, but this time we have cool footage to show you guys, and you can choose what to see next by leaving your suggestions in the comments below.


We love you all!

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