Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

„Зелена светлина“ се оттегля. За още информация относно това как да подавате игри към Steam, моля, консултирайте се с тази публикация в блога.
Development Update #9
27 юни 2014 - Evelend

Hello once again for some refreshing news on AdventurOS development.

Many people have asked us about the file extensions that might not be recognized by default in AdventurOS.
If the game encounters an extension that was not contemplated on our design, a random monster will spawn taking that extension's role.
BUT, what if we do not want a random monster in one of our custom extensions? We have a way cooler option for you guys!
Allow us to introduce you to the Monster Creator!

With this simple program you will be able to create and edit monsters so they can be bound with any file extension you want.
For instance, let’s say we have a saved file called "my_game.sav" and we want AdventurOS to generate a fire monkey whenever we find any .sav file.

After creating this monster you will find it in game whenever you come across files with your chosen extension for that monster to appear.

An awesome feature of the Monster Creator is the possibility to share your monsters with other Adventurers if you wish to.
You will also be able to download and use other people's creations with a simple url pasting.

We have some other teasers to give you today:

Meet the Mechanic

Mechanics (Created from shortcuts) Their mission will be protecting the links between rooms and managing all the portal system of the castle.
They will be the ones with tools such as locked doors or hyperlinks.

Meet the Monk

Monks (Created out of all kinds of audio files) Each audio file generates a monk plus a CD item.
When the item is given to a monk, it stays attached to the monk as the piece they will later interpret by turns, because, you know, that will be their thing.
We expect the monks to reproduce your audio files, but we cannot promise the will not include funny distortions too!
While the monks sing, you can receive useful temporary buffs such as increased experience.

We will hopefully be sharing AdventurOS fun very soon. Meantime, we want to thank you all for all the great support we are receiving!

The team.

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21 коментара
ScemEnzo 11 февр. 2015 в 0:53 
Guys, you want me to implode and then explode into raimbows @ç@
Peach Jelly 23 юли 2014 в 0:40 
Oh my goodness, this game is sounding more and more exciting by the minute! :D
Salts 8 юли 2014 в 14:42 
OH MY GAWD! Good job guys, can't wait for release.
TheGloriousAlpacaKing 5 юли 2014 в 1:32 
Woah Looks really cool ! Can't wait for the release.
popscotch112 2 юли 2014 в 10:56 
I cant wait for the release!
SymphonicSilence 30 юни 2014 в 23:48 
Looking very, very good. I agree, it's taking a good amount of time, but better them take their time then rush the game. I want it to be perfect.
Lester Roquefort 30 юни 2014 в 22:43 
Agreed, good thing i didn't back this, it's going WAAAY too slowly.
Rajunah 29 юни 2014 в 7:31 
Nice...looking foward for this...hope its not going to be abandoned like the other projects of this devs....:PSchain:
stevenwalsh21 28 юни 2014 в 4:13 
Looking great. The only thing I'm dreading is that I'm going to have to purposely turn my neatly organised layout into a cluster fuck for maximum enjoyment of this game! :tcry:
dadiomouse 28 юни 2014 в 2:46 
This is the game I'm most excited about finally getting my hands on this year. It's shaping up soooo great! Still, I regret so much not being aware of the project at an earlier stage & donating... please, is there any way we can donate now to gain access to whatever current alpha/beta is available? Or could we get a timeline on when we can have access to alpha/beta &/or prepay for this game? Very best of luck with this! I have a feeling ti will do really well when it finally gets released! (^-^)b