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5 de julho de 2015 - Dual Studios

Hi everyone, sorry that updates have been few and far between, but work continues on the game, do not fret!

We have just put up a new demo for the game (PC only at them moment, sorry) which can be downloaded form here: COLOR - DEMO[]

This demo covers some of the new mechanics that have been added into the game during the transition to a new engine/dev tool. It is intended to show of some of the more complex things that you may encounter in the game. As such please ignore the learning curve as it is accelerated in this demo compared to how it will be in the final game.

Improvements that you will see in this demo compared to the previous one are as follows:
- New levels
- New mechanics
- Double snakes
- Solid Walls
- Dual Goals
- Improved controls
- Touch Screen Support
- Improved overall gameplay feel

We would like to stress again that this is a PRE-ALPHA demo of the game and is not representative of the final product quality. Despite this however, I am very happy for people to play this game in videos on YouTube, Twitch etc. We will not claim copyright! :)

Enjoy the demo!

Sam (Developer at Dual Studios)

31 de maio de 2015 - Dual Studios

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates on the development of COLOR over the past few months. I just want to update everyone and let you all know that the game is still coming along nicely. As you may have noticed it won't be releasing in 2014... I have spent a lot of time re-working the game to control and play better, as well as transitioning to a new piece of development software which obviously meant a start from scratch.

I am very pleased with how the game is now turning out and I look forward to sharing more as development progresses. At the moment I have most of the core mechanics coded and in the game. I am now mainly working on level design and creation as well as working closely with the composer to get some great music created for the game.

Again I would like to apologize for the delays and lack of communication and I will be sure to provide more frequent updates going forward!

For now here are some new screenshots from the game!

12 de outubro de 2013 - Dual Studios

I was recently interviewed by Patrick at about the game and how it came to be. Head over to the site[] to give it a read if you'd like to find out a bit more!

1 de outubro de 2013 - Dual Studios

COLOR now supports Linux!!

Many people have been asking me to add Linux support to the game, and I'm happy to announce that this request has been fulfilled!

You can now download a demo for LINUX here[]! And instructions on how to install it can be found here[].[/b]

I hope that many people will be pleased with this added platform support! Please spread the word about the game and help it get on steam!

Also don't forget to go and check out the kickstarter, help is greatly appreciated :)

Thanks again to everyone for checking out the game!

Sam - Dual Studios

24 de setembro de 2013 - Dual Studios

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you all know that the Kickstarter page for COLOR has now gone live! Please help us get this project funded so we can bring you the best game possible!


The Kickstarter page and video also includes some new levels and details some of the more complex mechanics that you will encounter later in the game, so it's worth checking out just to see that!

Thanks for all the support and feedback!
- Dual Studios

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