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Combat Cats
25 juni, 2015 - No Yes

Thanks for the support guys. We're proud to announce that we are officially launching Combat Cats tomorrow Friday, June 6th! We will have a special new character and some other additions to celebrate the launch on Steam. -- In a week or so we will be adding trading cards and some other goodies. We hope you guys enjoy playing this game as much as we do. We will keep adding new content as time goes on.

29 augusti, 2013 - No Yes

Hey guys!

Just put the finishing touches on the full screen desktop version of the game. We got a new trailer made showing off all the update game has to offer. We added more characters, and cool special abilities for each one. Also we implemented a survival mode, and tweaked the map, upgrades, bosses, and a whole lot more. Bosses have cool abilities, and we even added a cool bubble system that increases the challenge. Popping bubbles while firing off combos, really brings it all together. This is really addictive gameplay.

We want to put this on Steam for as cheap as possible. If Steam wants us to put it at a price that is unfair, we will make it free.

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