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Neverending Nightmares
August 18, 2014 - Infinitap Games

For future updates, go here. Be sure to add the game to your wishlist. :)

July 24, 2014 - Infinitap Games

Hello all! Neverending Nightmares is coming along well, and I am pleased to announce that anyone who purchased Beta access either through kickstarter or on our website[] should have keys for the current build on Steam and Ouya through the Humble Store. If you already have a Humble account, you should log in, and they should be waiting for you. If you don’t see them, try the humble key resender[].

While we are calling this “beta”, it’s not a true beta. The levels in the game are close to a beta level of polish, but we still plan on adding 3 levels to fill out our branching narrative. Right now, you can only play one path to one ending. In addition, we have temp voice overs, which are not very good. We are recording our professional VO in a few weeks.

We are still on track to finish the game by the end of September, but we wanted to give beta backers a first look into the game rather than only opening it up a few weeks early before the game is released.

If you are dying of curiosity, you can play the beta right now, as well as get the game and the soundtrack on our website[]. The beta, full game, and soundtrack cost $25, but the final game will only be $15, so there is no harm in waiting if you only want to play the game when it’s finished.

Thank you for your interest in Neverending Nightmares! If you have any questions, let me know.

Matt Gilgenbach
President | Infinitap Games

April 9, 2014 - Infinitap Games

If you backed the project at the alpha tier or higher ($35 and up) or did the same on our slacker backer page[], you can get access to our 4 level demo. It features a ton of new improvements, more story elements, and a completely new level.

Right now the game is only available to backers and slacker backers, but we are planning on releasing on the regular Steam store sometime before Halloween this year. If you can't wait to get in on the fun, feel free to slacker back the project and help support the development of the game. Otherwise, the game will be pretty amazing when we release later this year if I do say so myself. :)

Thanks for your help getting us greenlit!

-Matt Gilgenbach

February 10, 2014 - Infinitap Games

Hello Steam fans! Since we were successfully greenlit, we are giving out alpha builds over Steam, and you can get in on it by slacker backing![]

Our slacker backer packages[] mirror our kickstarter reward tiers – to get in on the current early access, you need to get the package that includes alpha access, which is $35 and above. You can preorder the game for $15 or get beta access for $25, but only the $35 and above packages get you into the game now.

We are using the Humble Bundle store widget for purchase, so you'll get it added to your Humble library as well as your Steam key. Currently, Steam keys are only available for the $35 and up packages, but as we offer beta and finally general release access, Steam keys will appear in your humble library. DRM-free versions will be available when we ship.

You may be wondering why we are charging more for alpha access when many games do not. The main reason is because we charged extra for early access with kickstarter, so we want to be fair to backers. Early access is still the Wild West, so I don’t think anyone has figured out the “best” way to do it for every type of game. What we are doing seems to be working okay for us.

Secondly, you might be wondering why we aren’t a “Steam Early Access” title since our early access is actually on the Steam service. I think Steam Early Access conveys different expectations than what we are offering. Firstly, Neverending Nightmares is a single player only affair. It also doesn’t have emergent gameplay systems. We have a strong narrative focus, so the levels we have don’t change when you replay them (unless we issue an update). So I think we would get a lot of unhappy campers if we released under Early Access – at least this early in development.

That being said, I think we are offering something special. Not only do you get a chance to see the game content first, but we take seriously suggestions offered on our forums[]. By getting alpha access, not only do you get to help fund development, but you also get to help shape the game. Our kickstarter backers seem very happy with the alpha build, so I figured I’d mention it here as well. I completely understand if you’d like to wait until the game is finished.

A few other exciting things! I went to Steam Dev Days and received a Steam Machine and Controller, so I am pleased to announce that Neverending Nightmares is compatible with both. We support the native Steam controller API as well, which ensures a much better experience than legacy mappings. I am looking forward to the Steam Universe expanding, and I am happy to be a part of it!

Thank you so much for your support on Greenlight! If you are interested in more info on the game, I post a lot of developer diaries on our website[] as well as weekly progress updates on our kickstarter page.

-Matt Gilgenbach

September 30, 2013 - Infinitap Games

The game is happening. We just have to get on Steam. Please help spread the word about our greenlight campaign, so we can bring Neverending Nightmares to the Steam audience.

I can't wait to see Neverending Nightmares running on a Steam Machine with the Steam controller, but I need your help to make that possible. :)

Thanks to everyone who supported our kickstarter!


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