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Hot Tin Roof
September 26, 2013 - megalomanium

Totally freaking awesome! WE HIT OUR GOAL:

Now, for the stretch goals!... which we'll also be funding toward with pre-orders (check, so even if we don't quite make them now, we've still got a shot at 'em!

They are as follows, by the way:

First is ($30k) “Chinatown,” a zone styled after the Chinatown regions in classic noir film, just without the offensive racial stereotypes. In “Chinatown”, you’ll hunt down The Siamese, a devious cat trying to displace the Nip trade with his own creation - Poppyseed Muffins. Along the way, the player will acquire the use of fireworks ammunition, which is used as an ignition source and light source amongst other things.

Next is ($40k) “NPC Schedules / Time Of Day.” It’s a system I’ve loved ever since I first saw it in Ultima 7. It means the NPCs are alive. They get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to work, take lunch, head home at night, sleep, etc. You’d think that’d be pointless, but what it does is create a lot of interconnecting stories for the player to sleuth out. Why does the waiter duck behind the store after-hours, where does the Chief go at night, etc.”

Third is ($50k) “The Cannery.” Here, you’ll run down Johnny Two-Toes, a pigeon with a penchant for Nip smuggling. In the process, you’ll master the use of “Fish Oil Ammunition,” which sounds a bit weird, I know. It’s kind of a combustible and slippery surface all in one, and it combines in interesting ways with almost every other ammunition type. It’s the combo lover’s dream ammunition, and results in a lot of creative, weird puzzles.

Last is ($60k) “The Ice House.” The early 1900’s were pre-refrigeration, so you had ice boxes that used actual ice to function. The blocks were delivered by “Ice Men” from “Ice Houses,” and it spawned a huge number of noir tropes in the process. In Hot Tin Roof’s “The Ice House,” you’ll be confronting a hit man that uses the cover of the ice trade to whack her marks. In the process, you’ll gain the use of “Snow Cone Ammunition,” which has freezing and extinguishing properties.

Anything above that has to do with consoles, because we don't quite know which console(s) we can hit yet. Wii U is our fallback could-definitely-happen for a reasonable amount of money. We'd really like to hit PS3/PS4... but those are going to be super-challenging to do on the cheap. Basically, Wii U is a lock if we hit $80kish - but if we get higher, say, $120kish, is where PS4 becomes a safe bet. Between those two, a lot relies on the talks we're having with Sony to figure out how we can do a PS4 version without breaking the bank. We'll know more on that closer to release day.

August 26, 2013 - megalomanium

You're probably curious how it plays, and while the prototype is still pretty rough, a few sites twisted my arm and got an early early build. Here's what they're saying...

Rock Paper Shotgun ("I have fallen deeply, irrevocably in love."):

IndieStatik ("Noir Is The New Meow""):

Also, if you're a Reddit'er, here's our posts over there that I'm aware of. Feel free to pose questions in any of them, though the GirlGamers one'd be the best spot for "why a girl instead of a dude hero"-style questions.


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