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Finding Teddy
Finding teddy on Steam release date
5 novembre 2013 - Plug In Digital

Hi There,
We are glad to inform you Finding Teddy has been greenlighted and will be released on Steam on December 7th 2013.

Thanks to all for your support and your nice comments on our game.

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24 commenti
John Goblikon 27 nov 2013, ore 17:52 
Can't wait!
Кашерна 22 nov 2013, ore 10:58 
Thoughts&Prayers 16 nov 2013, ore 8:30 
looking good!
XOXOCLVBS 12 nov 2013, ore 15:53 
Awesome, can't wait!
Plug In Digital 11 nov 2013, ore 10:26 
@Spiff of course we are working on achievements
spiff 11 nov 2013, ore 8:50 
Looking really good, I hope you have achievements cause that is what draws me to play games to the end.
監督(kt) 8 nov 2013, ore 7:27 
CompleteGeorge 7 nov 2013, ore 13:44 
Any bonuses added to the steam release?
Plug In Digital 7 nov 2013, ore 8:56 
@Monsis thanks for your support and we are looking forward to have your feedback
Monsis 7 nov 2013, ore 2:00 
Picked this up in the Groupees Be Mine X. It was the only game in the bundle that I was curious about. Going to play tonight and very much looking forward to it. Good luck and well done.