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5 de septiembre de 2013 - jessiscah

Hello all!
Just a quick update here - following our successful Kickstarter, we've kept our PayPal page open for any latecomers. We'll be closing the door to that on Sunday!
Anyone who wants to support our efforts with Tangiers can back us through paypal Here[tangiersgame.com].
All the backer rewards are the same as on our Kickstarter Page. Remember - this is the only opportunity to enter into our beta access, which is taking the form of a standalone, self contained "prequel" adventure.

5 de agosto de 2013 - jessiscah

This write-up was made to accompany the above teaser video.

Much of Tangiers takes place within tightly controlled, oppressive urban districts. But between those, we expose you to the world outside. Open horizons, sometimes brightly coloured, sometimes touching on the hallucinogenic. It's an escape from the bricks and bitumen of the city but an uncomfortable, jarring one.

Exploration tilts slightly away from getting to know an environment to traversing one. Using dispersed, unique features that dot the landscape as milestones, you navigate over the world, searching for the shards of urban district that you must infiltrate. Climbing to the higher ground to get the lay of the land.

Most of the milestones will be dead, just navigational aids. More sporadically, you'll come across features holding events, characters or stand-alone narratives and scenarios. We're not trying to create a game where you feel the need to search all of these out, but where you naturally come across them, adding detail to your journey. Some of these contribute to the state of Tangiers' reality, others will hold new routes through the world. And every now and again, things will tie into the greater narrative of the game.

There'll be distance between them - we want the world to hold a sense of scale, to actually feel big, to feel sparse. Not the sort of overcrowded open environment where you're constantly tripping over dungeons! But with that in mind, we don't want you to get entirely lost. There will always be loose paths, objects dotting the horizon, always something to give you direction.

But we still want to keep the element of discovery, not just a game of join the dots. Two things will break it up - a multitude of discoveries to be made by straying off the beaten path, and areas where... reaching your goal isn't entirely straight forward. Chasms, cliff faces and broken bridges you must navigate around, climb up, through and over.

5 de agosto de 2013 - jessiscah

I've seen a lot of discussion and been asked a fair few questions about how the "language taking on matter and reality" part of Tangiers will function in game. We'll be doing a full spotlight on it during the final week of the fundraiser but given all the inquiries, now seems as good a time as ever!
We'll use the shorthand term "Words Mechanic" - it's less romantic, but a tad more concise.

Any character in the world that talks or communicates in any way has their words materialize above their heads. When finished talking, these words will fall, hit the ground and leave a keyword for you to collect.
The keyword holds the entire sentence - but it keeps things a little smoother than having to sneak around AND find and collect a whole sentence of individual words.

Words are held in your stockpile (still working on a name for this that better suits the game! Dictionary?). The stockpile isn't infinite - you'll be kept to about ten sentences in total. Keeps things manageable and encourages inventory management.

All words will have the general use of being reusable. In this form, you place them back into the world and they serve to distract and spread disinformation. Either throw them down the street to catch a characters attention or lay them down in a more specific point to broadcast their message.
Characters hearing these reused words will respond as if they heard the words from whoever first used them. "Care for a smoke" will draw them to the words placement, but "There's someone by the car-park" will both send them into a more hostile state and encourage them to head towards the said car-park. Similarly, "It's all clear now" will have them relax into a more neutral place.
The risk you do run is having them come up to the words and find no other character who could have spoken. This will foster their paranoia and have them start to investigate further.

There's two assists with this use. First is a quick use button - a quick selection of the most generic phrase in your stockpile in situations where you need a fast reaction. The second is the ability to attach words to your other abilities. Placing a trap with a verbal lure on it, or using our equivalent of water arrows to spread disinformation at a range.

Then there's the second use of words. More precise, targeted sentences can be brought into reality. "I guess it's just rats" can cause a swarm of the rodents to briefly erupt from the language. Words stolen from an illicit discussion highlight and open up hidden areas, points of the map that would be otherwise unavailable. "Care for a smoke" will create a smokescreen of linguistic noise.

These are wildcards - some you may only come across once or twice; they're there to get out of trouble or throw a change into problematic circumstances. A wildcard yes, but we're going to be keeping the general... "personality" of this function broadly consistent enough that you do get a rough idea of what might happen.

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