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Bedankt voor je hulp bij het selecteren van dit spel voor distributie via Steam. Meer informatie, waaronder een link naar de Steam-winkelpagina, kan hier onder gevonden worden.

Greenlight stopt ermee. Meer informatie over het inzenden van spellen op Steam vind je nu in deze blogpost.
Eldritch is coming to Steam!
2 oktober 2013 - dphrygian

We got Greenlit today! Thank you all so much for your votes and for spreading the word about Eldritch! And extra special thanks to everyone who preordered on Humble, tested the beta, and helped to shape the final product.

I'll start preparing the Steam version of Eldritch shortly (with Steam Cloud save support, if I can get it working in time). Eldritch will be available on Steam on October 21.

Thanks again!

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18 opmerkingen
SargeAnt_Jester 20 okt 2013 om 21:05 
Ioday is Lauch to Steam
Lammy 20 okt 2013 om 10:51 
*munch munch munch* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
John Snow True King of Vinland 19 okt 2013 om 10:25 
two more days!!!
Ansuz 12 okt 2013 om 11:03 
the graphic is very similar to minecraft....i liked it : )
ariadoc 10 okt 2013 om 10:23 
John Snow True King of Vinland 9 okt 2013 om 5:59 
Can't Wait!!!!
CoCheese 6 okt 2013 om 7:44 
Take my money!!!
GameDragonZero 4 okt 2013 om 22:09 
Embryos 4 okt 2013 om 3:07 
Beauty! Can't wait :)
Olhado 3 okt 2013 om 19:25 
Just discovered you today! I can't wait for you to accept my purchase and praise!:plane: