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Will To Survive
Giving Will Some Spine!
18 oktober, 2013 - Liquidoodle

Well hello there everybody!

Things have been busy and going well with the game since the last update. I've cleaned up the last few bits of code ready for Dan as well as doing spots of project organisation and planning but for the most part I've been getting to grips with a new tool called Spine.

Spine is a wonderful 2D skeletal animation tool and I've been wanting to play with it for a while as it will really help do some more advanced things with both the player and alien artwork especially in terms of the new combat mechanic which we will be starting soon. I've uploaded a short development diary for you to check out.

The artwork isn't by any means final but it's already looking much smoother and higher quality than before. It also uses far less texture memory and is far easier for me to create, meaning I can spend more time polishing and adding more content.

Meanwhile Dan has been getting to grips with the code and has currently been putting in some rather swish path finding then he's going to be vastly improving the collision detection so that Will no longer gets caught up on corners and walls so easily. Hopefully we can upload a video of that next week.

Where To Next

The next stage of development will be to look at getting the new combat mechanic working, I've already got a battle plan written and will be starting on the artwork this weekend. Once we are ploughing through that I dare say there will be much more videos and updates for you to see... it's quite exciting!

Steam Greenlight

We are currently doing really well on Steam, we're number 26 but were recently at position 24. If Valve continue to Greenlight projects at the rate that they are presently going that means we stand a very strong chance of getting green lit in the next batch. That's only going to happen if we stay pretty high up in the ranks however so any help you can give by sharing this Greenlight page with friends, family and colleagues would be greatly appreciated... LETS DO THIS! :D

That's all for now, thanks for reading and supporting!


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3 kommentarer
Liquidoodle 19 okt, 2013 @ 6:03 
Cheers guys, it's an ace little tool especially now I've gotten into the swing of using it. There's still lots more to do but it's really good fun to use so I'll be quite content adding more polish.

Full-on character customisation would be so lovely but is so much work, I definitely will be looking at some smaller customisations such as body armour, different bags etc. and I think it would be nice for Will's face to alter over time, growing a beard etc. Watch this space and we will see ;)

Spine will be really good for the aliens too, I can swap out heads and arms to create new types but keep the same animations which will be really helpful. Also you can create attachment points and events during animations to trigger particles or attach other neat tricks like alien glows for example or search lights ;)

Number 24 today, I think everyone did some sharing! Go you guys!
Wolfborn8 18 okt, 2013 @ 21:30 
Not surprisingly, I was not familiar with Spine, but man, those animations look sharp now. Full-on character customisation would be amazing, but I know that's a pretty tall order, hehe.
26th on Greenlight is no easy feat, so hopefully Will... will be greenlit soon *fingers crossed* :D
Caine VanScythe 18 okt, 2013 @ 21:09 
So cool! Glad to know you were able to find a way to make development smoother and faster at the same time. Keep up the awesome work!