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Komunita projevila o tuto hru zájem. Společnost Valve je nyní v kontaktu s vývojáři, aby se věci pohly správným směrem a hra byla vydána ve službě Steam.

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Will To Survive
Kickstarter Unsuccessful : Where There's a Will There's a Way!
30. srpna 2013 - Liquidoodle

The time has finally arrived and it's the end of the campaign. I've got in touch with the press, chatted to backers and together we've pushed the campaign as much as we possibly could but sadly the project has been unsuccessful in obtaining it's funding this time around.

Although it is a great shame this is an outcome that I was fully prepared for, crowd funding can go one of two ways after all. The campaign has been a success in many other ways and a lot of that is down to you lovely lot. I would like to say a massive thanks to you all for your continued support and generosity.

Is This The End?

One of the reasons for doing the Kickstarter was to see if there was actually a market for the game, I was sold on the idea myself but I wasn't too sure how others would perceive it. The general response from people has been excellent however showing that there is clearly a place in the world for Will and that makes me even more excited about the project than ever before.

I can definitely say that this isn't the last you'll see of Will! The project will live on so don't despair. I will also be posting regular updates via the blog, Kickstarter, IndieDB and Steam so that you know how things are progressing. I will attempt to update things each week but failing that I will certainly make make time to update you guys every other week.

What's Next?

There are a few different directions that I can look into heading with the project now, I could spend some time developing the game and attempt another funding campaign in a few months time. I could look into other funding options such as private investors or I could contemplate going the alpha funding route. Whatever I decide I will do my best to keep you updated and let you know what the plan is.

Right now I have actually started work overhauling the prototype, I've stripped it down to it's bare bones and begun putting it back together in a far more clean and improved state. The aim is to create a really solid foundation to start building the final game from, address some of the issues from user testing and also smarten up some of the code so that I can begin to accept help that has been offered from some of my programmer buddies.

Steam Greenlight

One of the areas the campaign has done well is here on Steam. With over 10 thousand yes votes, 600+ followers and 300+ comments so far the Greenlight page is currently sitting at 94% on the way to the top 100 which is something to be very proud of. Thanks to you all for voting and sharing! Be sure to share it some more and let's see if we can get the project into the top 100!

Final Words

To wrap up I would like to say a massive thanks to you all again for voting, sharing and pledging. You are all awesome and it means a lot to have people out there who believe in the project. I certainly hope I can continue on with the game and ultimately create something that you really enjoy playing.

Cheers All!

Alex & Will

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Počet komentářů: 9
Liquidoodle 16. zář. 2013 v 7.00 
Cheers JJ!
JJ 15. zář. 2013 v 17.32 
This looks pretty cool! Too bad I missed the kickstarter - voted you up on greenlight!
Liquidoodle 6. zář. 2013 v 12.52 
Hello chaps (and ladies?) :D thanks for the positive messages, I did read them earlier and they really fuelled my desire to get back working on the game hence the delayed response.

@VidGgeek(rus) - I've just been hard at work :) interesting thoughts, I'm actually looking into doing some kind of a stealth system too so maybe I can combine them... ideas be brewing! I definitely think that has a place in there.
VidGgeek(rus) 5. zář. 2013 v 12.15 
Tell me what you think about my idea, allright? If I come up with something else, I'll let you know.
VidGgeek(rus) 5. zář. 2013 v 12.14 
Hey, Alex, everything allright there? I noticed that you weren't editing the main page lately to post comments or something. I guess you're working really hard on Will To Survive... Well, I hope you're doing well.
The last update you posted (you know, the one with improved cover system) looked really cool! Kinda looks like the cover system in Splinter Cell: Blacklist. You know, I've actually had this idea. What if you can attract an alien when behind cover ( like, by whispering or throwing an empty can, for example), and when he comes close, you can circle around the cover and attack him from behind? Even if it won't kill it, it should lower it's health gradually. The higher the weapon level, though, the higher the chance to kill it instantly.
{HYST} Merlyn 31. srp. 2013 v 16.38 
Any positive reinforcment I'd add would be dwarfed by VidGgeeks words heh. so I'll just say "What he said!"
VidGgeek(rus) 31. srp. 2013 v 0.33 
It sure is good that you're going to attempt another funding campaign after a while. I've also asked my Steam friends to share the info about Will with their friends. I'll try reminding them of that once you start another funding campaign. And since school is about to start, I'll try spreading the word there, too. It's also really good to see that you didn't give up. And as people say, " You can do it if you try". And that's exactly what you're doing- trying, which means you can do it. I also truly believe that once this game is out, nobody will be disappointed. The number of the " yes" votes clearly proves it.
Wolfborn8 30. srp. 2013 v 22.48 
I was really sad when I saw that the kickstarter wasn't successful. But I'm glad you're not giving up; I'm looking forward to hearing more news from you. In the meantime... best of luck!
Nokando 30. srp. 2013 v 14.05 
Good luck, I have faith :bluewizard: