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Arson and Plunder
New Enemies II: Elite soldier
October 7, 2013 - NinjaFeverTeam

This week, we add a new enemy for the castle levels. As every reign, Froiland also has its special elite guard, selected from the best of each breed. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the...


As you all can see, this soldier is an evolution of the standard and less powerful soldier. Elite soldiers are difficult to defeat, as they have been trained to protect the castle and the Reign by all means. They are the last hope of humans to protect their castle against... you!

On the next enemy update, we will show you another brand new character that will highly influence the way you play the game, opening new strategies to your battles against those evil humans.

In the mean time... what kind of enemy would you love to see in Arson & Plunder? Let us know!

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