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18. Dezember 2013 - Spicy Horse Games

Hi Everyone

Just a quick update to tell you all that we've now created the Grimm launcher and are uploading all the files to Steam, some are already tested being played through Steam too :)
So as you can imagine, the time to make things Grimm is almost upon us.

Stay Tuned !!


20. November 2013 - Spicy Horse Games

Hi everyone.

Just a quick notice to apologise for being away for a while, but as you can imagine, life as an indie developer with a couple of projects on the go can be quite hectic, even for the spiciest of horses.

With the Grimm release edging ever closer, we can promise you that we will be around a lot more and being active in the comments and such, so keep that chat coming :)

- Spicyhorse

25. September 2013 - Spicy Horse Games

Wow, that was FAST! Thank you, people of Steam, for voting Grimm onto the platform! As mentioned before, we're stunned by the support and by how quickly it's translated into getting onto Steam.

An update from the team: We're working diligently to get all the assets and code together for publishing the game on Steam. We're mainly focused on figuring out if there's support for convenience options related to how you download and manage the episodes. Because there are 23 episodes in total, each about 500mb in size, we'd like to find a way to allow individual downloads of single episodes alongside downloading "season chunks" (groups of 8) and an option to "grab them all."

If there's no flexibility for download options, then we'll simply provide the entire collection to you as one massive download - this decision is in direct response to your requests here in the comments.

As for pricing, we're going to start off with $9.99USD for all 23 episodes. That amount should adjust automatically to your local currency - a feature that's now a function of the Steam platform. Again, the pricing decision has been driven by our discussions with you here - seems (almost) everyone is OK with that amount, so that's where we'll set it. This is also in-line with pricing of the game on other platforms, so that everyone feels like they are getting a fair deal.

Please keep in mind that the game is more than 5 years old. We no longer have access to the source code, so we cannot - even if we want - make changes, optimizations or port the game to Linux or Mac. We'd love to, but we can't. The server on which all the source code and assets lived DIED an awful, fiery death - so Grimm's legacy lives only inside the final PC game files - and nowhere else. A sad, grim situation to say the least.

There is a bright side to all of this - if there is significant enough support for Grimm here on Steam, it would make it easier for us to pitch "Grimm 2" to potential publishers. Spicy Horse owns the IP 100%, so we would simply need to secure publisher funding to make another - you can help make that a reality by "voting with your wallet." If on the other hand, you despise Grimm and hate everything you've read here, then you can cast your vote by not buying the game, going away, and kicking a can or something. Grr.

Thanks again for all the love and support. Grimm and the Spicy Horse team really appreciate it!

From Shanghai with Love,
Spicy Horse Games

28. August 2013 - Spicy Horse Games

Steamy People,
We just wanted to send a big THANK YOU for helping vote Grimm into the Top 20! As mentioned before, we really didn't know what to expect when we added the game to Greenlight, but we certainly didn't expect this much love and attention. It's awesome and we love you for your support.

A lot of people continue to ask for game play videos. Keep in mind that Grimm was released years ago on Gametap and that tons of people have uploaded full play-through videos for all 23 episodes to places like YouTube. Just head over and do a search for "American McGee's Grimm," or check out some of these links:

Grimm Episode Video

Grimm Episode Video

Grimm Episode Video

Thanks again for your support!

With Love from Shanghai,
The Spicy Horse Team

31. Juli 2013 - Spicy Horse Games

Thank you, Steam supporters! You've showered Grimm with positive comments and a steady stream of up-votes. We're flattered and more than a little surprised. Though we were asked repeatedly to put Grimm on Greenlight, we resisted out of fear of rejection. The age and casual nature of the game led us to believe the Steam community would reject it outright. Boy were we wrong! Goes to show how much we don't know (not a lot)!

We've also seen a massive amount of press coverage - again, odd, since we didn't announce the Greenlight submission or make any real noise about it. Once again we thought no one would pay attention, much less give it coverage on all the major gaming sites. Wrong again! Check out all this amazing press coverage:



PC Gamer



The Escapist

There's more, but you get the basic idea. Wow!

Many of you have asked for game-play footage. Back in the day a YouTube guy named "UngluedWaterGaming" did a series of "Let's Play" videos for Grimm, highlighting just about every episode we released. Here's a small sample:

Grimm - S2E3 - The Singing Bone

Grimm - S1E5 - The Girl Without Hands

Grimm - S1E3 - The Fisherman and His Wife

Check out his YouTube channel and you'll find a ton more.

In total there are 23 Episodes of Grimm. That's over 12 hours of content with each episode being 30 minutes (or more) in length.

The game was developed over 5 years ago using the Unreal3 engine. It ran poorly on a lot of machines back in the day - but should run great on today's computers. Keep that in mind when asking about Mac and Linux ports. Though we are supporters (and users) of both Linux and Mac, we're not yet certain we'll be able to bring Grimm over to either - for one thing, we need to find the source code! Just know that we will research the topic and do our best to respond to these requests.

Many of you asked about bundling of episodes - and we've heard your feedback. Our plan is to distribute all 23 episodes in a single bundle for a single price. That way Grimm won't clutter up your Steam interface. That's the plan - please give us time to make sure we're able to execute on it.

Regarding pricing... We're still talking about price-point, but considering the age of the game and unique nature of the presentation, we're probably going to end up with a $9.99USD (or less) price point. We're open to feedback on this (and everything else)! We're pretty surprised at the huge amount of positive feedback and hadn't really though about pricing. Maybe we should go nuts and make it $1.99 for everything? What do you think??

Any additional questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments. One small request from us to you - please be polite in the comments. We're not out to harm anyone, cheat anyone or cause hurt. Seriously. If you have an issue with something we've said or done, let us know - but understand we, like everyone else in the world, respond better to polite conversation vs. angry accusations. If you don't like Grimm, that's fine. Don't vote for it. Just remember, It's Okay to Not Like Things...

Thanks again for all the love and support!

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