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Tom vs The Armies of Hell
February 6, 2015 - SGoon

Hey everyone!

It's finally happening. Tom vs The Armies of Hell will be launching via Early Access Monday, Feb 9th. The initial offering will be relatively short (levels 1-3, though levels 4-5 are already well into production), but I'll continue to release more features and levels throughout Early Access as I gather and respond to gamer feedback. Anyway,thanks to everyone who supported the game early on during Greenlight, you are all awesome. Hit up the new, official to check out the new trailer and more details about the impending release!


September 12, 2014 - SGoon

Just realized I never posted any new info over on this page, which is dumb. So the Kickstarter was unsuccessful... and nothing of value was lost (except, you know, money to help with development). Joking aside, I wanted to let everyone know that the game is doing fine, KS or not.

The new plan is going to be to release the game in chunks (some might call them "episodes") via Early Access. You won't be paying per episode, just once for the game, and you'll then recieve the new levels and content as they are completed. While I know this style of release isn't for everyone, it's currently the best way for me to get the game out there and hopefully generate some amount of revenue to help drive to completion.

More info will be coming soon, as will the game's official steam "coming soon" page. While the game will not be content complete, it will actually be pretty darn polished for an Early Access game. The systems/game itself are more "Late Beta" than "Alpha", but until the game is content complete I don't want to label it as "Released" because managing player expectations is extremely important to me.

So, again, more info coming. I'm really looking forward to getting the game into player's hands so I can start getting feedback and continue driving toward content completion. Thanks for the support so far!

July 31, 2014 - SGoon

Hey Everyone!

The game's new Kickstarter is up and ready to go. Lots of new stuff on display, and I could use everyone's help to try and get the word out. The goal of the Kickstarter is to get a little extra funding to really make the game everything I know it can be. Every little bit helps, especialy in getting coverage. If you know anyone in the games media, or any twitch or youtube streamers (big or small), don't hesitate to have them hit me up for a pre-alpha press key, the easiest way is probably to message me through Kickstarter. Thanks again for the support!

AoH Kickstarter Relaunch


June 20, 2014 - SGoon

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let everyone I updated the page with a new, up-to-date description of the game. It's probably full of typos and similar mental failings on my part, but its a much better description of the current state of the game as it has evolved over the course of development. Some of the changes are kind of big, so I hope you all still like what you see (personally I think the game is MUCH better now). The reason for the changes come largely from my interactions with gamers are GDC and some other venues and seeing how they react to the game and what they like/don't like, which is as good a road-map as you can ask for as a developer.

Anyway, target for the new Kickstarter is next week, and will have updated videos and more information. Target for release is still end of the year. You may also notice the demo I had up is down for now. The reason being that it is extremely out of date, and the current build isn't quite ready for public consumption. What THAT means is that so much has changed (for the better) that it no longer makes for a nice, simple little demo level. I'm evaluating what sort of demo would make sense, and if one does, and its not too much extra work to package it, I'll put a new one up, but for now I didn't want something so out-dated being downloaded and giving people the wrong impression. On the upside, however, you'll notice I have checked the little box for Local Coop, because with the changes I've been making that now makes a lot more sense, and I think will be a really fun, challenging game-mode.

Thanks again for following the game, despite my atrocious marketing/PR abilities. I really appreciate the support.


April 25, 2014 - SGoon

Hey everyone,

I wanted to put another quick update up, since I'm terrible at doing so and felt it was way past necessary. To answer the most common question, the game is still being made. There have been some major scope changes I'll be talking about shortly, but overall everything is going great. The demo that is out there should be viewed as nothing more than a gameplay demo, as its missing a lot of critical features from the current build. I can't really just update the demo sadly for reasons that aren't really worth going into, but it will all become clear soon... I hate that word, "soon", by the way. I keep using it, and I can sense Inigo Montoya glaring at me every time I do. Anyway, the short, vague update is, the game is going to be out almost certainly by the end of the year (or very shortly after), there will be a much lower-targeted kickstarter shortly that will provide some cool rewards I think people will like (things along the lines of being an NPC in the game, designing a weapon for the game, things of that nature). Sorry again for the lack of updates. I'm working at becoming better at the marketing/pr side of this, but just the development is a handful, and if one has to suffer I'd rather it wasn't the game ;)


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